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Neuroserve techno night starts this weekend at ATTIC by Fire & Ice

Neuroserve techno night starts this weekend at ATTIC by Fire & Ice

A new dawn for the Neuroserve techno nights in KL starts this weekend 4 January at ATTIC by Fire & Ice on Changkat Bukit Bintang KL. They welcome you to 2020 with the first Neuroserve event of the year and an amazing mix of artists who seldom spin in the same booth on the same night for the same party series.


It made its journey from Cologne, Germany to KL sometime mid 2019 with the promise to serve you an enticing sonic kaleidoscope of techno. Hosted by P.E.R.I, this weekly event series is for techno lovers delivered here in KL only by members of the KL techno DJ community.  Consider Neuroserve a space where you are invited to be yourself, surrendering your inhibitions at the door and allowing us to seduce your mind and your feet to dance the night away.





This Saturday sees, on decks, Modec - a great and subtle mood setter, an amazing music selector. Slutski also features, who’s always ready to elevate the night to a next level. Plus Dora.D, one of Neuroserve's favourite DJs in KL. Expect from her a techno set that suits Neuroserve in any way. And also, with Aduti on peak hours - left-fielding a decade under the influence of music from disco to techno with everything eclectic in between.





And with the New Year comes more than just Neuroserve,  there’s more as the day before, on 3 January, debuts Neurobot, for the more indie and left-field sounds. Featuring here will be Kubika, Jfishdot and Sneaky who are well-known in the scene for their talents and deep passion for Indie- and Leftfield-ish supersounds. Pokets joins them,  a rising star in Kuala Lumpur's scene getting now all the attention for his naughty and creative style of mixing and his very own way to interpret edge-cutting sounds.


ATTIC by Fire & Ice: 24, Changkat. Bukit Bintang, KL

Admission (with one drink): RM30. Call 019-743 3722.

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