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Neuroserve with PERI, Han and Wowie at Barrio by Pisco Bar 8 May 2019

Neuroserve with PERI, Han and Wowie at Barrio by Pisco Bar 8 May 2019

NEUROSERVE... It made its journey from Cologne, Germany to our beloved KL just last week with the promise to serve you an enticing sonic kaleidoscope of Techno.

This weekly event series is for Techno lovers delivered only by members of the KL Techno DJ community. This week DJ PERI will host up and coming locals Han and Wowie



Consider Neuroserve a space where you are invited to be yourself, surrendering your inhibitions at the door and allowing us to seduce your mind and your feet to dance the night away.

Recently, P.E.R.I relocated to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and in 2018, that once deep-passion for the Techno sound reignited and motivated this DJ to reconnect with the local electronic music community. Since then, her passion-fueled Techno sets have begun to garner a cult following both locally, and in the international online-radio scene.



When it comes to sound, Wowie accepts no boundaries. His timeless ethos: beautiful vibes. Nurtured from young, Wowie’s love of music has made him hyper-conscious of the flow and elements in a composition. His love of psychedelic sounds, extracted from various cultural influences across the world, are signature accents in his sets. As a versatile DJ, he is also big on rhythm; highlighted in his sessions are various tempos, from ethnic thumps to industrial beats. Always looking to cultivate freshness and groove, Wowie aims to continuously spin out the most ideal soul medicines on to the dance floor. Also feauturing DJ Han. 

BARRIO by PISCO BAR; 29, Jalan Mesui, off Jalan Nagasari, KL; Call 03-2142 2900. E-mail

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