Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur: New Menus at Curate Bring Action-Packed Flavours To The Table

Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur: New Menus at Curate Bring Action-Packed Flavours To The Table

Showcasing the expertise of chefs at Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur, the newly-crafted menus at Curate bring action-packed flavours to the table.

Marvel at the deft blend of culinary prowess with playful flair - the sizzle of fire, the swirl of colours, the explosion of tastes. With its lively energy and dazzling showmanship, Curate pulses with all the excitement of a theatrical performance – the perfect venue to lift celebrations from ordinary to spectacular.

The fresh line-up of recipes is an eclectic mix, reflecting each chef’s personal culinary history. Drawing on his southern American roots as well as his experience preparing meals for famed celebrities, Executive Chef Junious Dickerson brings a breath of fresh air to Western classics. Chef Raman Durairajan finds inspiration in India’s diverse regional cuisines to take diners on a curated journey across his homeland. And Chef Mujtahid Lukman (better known as Chef Matt) from Sarawak reimagines Malaysian favourites, casting beloved flavours in a new form.

Expect standout dishes crafted by these expert culinarians. Grilled to succulence, the MB6 wagyu tomahawk flamed with fragrant rosemary and carved tableside, complemented by a sauce freshly prepared using mortar and pestle. Briyani lovers can feast their eyes as sizzling chunks of meat slide straight from skewer onto aromatic basmati rice, spiced to perfection by Chef Raman. Or discover soul food with Chef Junious’ rendition of fried chicken and waffle. Inspired by his grandma’s secret recipe, this bright plate offers a tantalising mash-up of textures and tastes: crisp and tender, sweet and savoury.

Designed to satisfy seaside cravings, Chef Matt’s signature seafood nasi lemak brings the freshest bounty from ocean to table: sabah lobster, scallops, mussels and prawns. One can almost hear the waves and feel the sea breeze! The beef short rib rendang is a slow-cooked revelation, carefully braised over eight hours and served with an array of condiments. Finally, bite into a sweet ending with durian cheesecake, a novel interpretation of the most distinctive fruit in the world.

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