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Ohrwurm's Brand new live series Micasa Sucasa to kickstart this weekend

Ohrwurm's Brand new live series Micasa Sucasa to kickstart this weekend

Ohrwurm – From the house that brought you “Alam's 20 Years of DJing” Sessions comes a brand new live series starting this Saturday 30 January 2021.

Micasa Sucasa kickstarts this weekend, and what better way to launch this new series than with Ohrwurm’s head honcho and venue host; Alam, who will be doing an all night long set from 10 pm to 4 am.

Over the back half of last year, amidst a yoyo six months of MCO, CMCO, RMCO and whatnot. Alam's Live Sessions spanned 20 shows, both solo and featuring various guests from across the KL underground electronica spectrum, ending with a grand finale from outside KL just last mid December.

He's been laying down the beats from home on a special celebration in conjunction with his 20 years of DJing. Starting this Saturday, he continues where he left off from mid-December last year with a second season.



So the new series is called Ohrwurm Micasa Sucasa. I'll be doing it all night long for the launch. Starts at 10 pm, ends at 4 am,” Alam reveals. “We will have guests just like last year from Ohrwurm Micasa Sucasa 02 onwards."

This time around, the show goes out monthly, Alam adds, and he also plans to expand the show's regionally as well.

While it's going to be monthly throughout the year, there will be 4 of the months where we will have 2 shows a month. This is to include a regional live stream with a 2 hour set by our selected regional act.

For this weekend, you can tune in to Ohrwurm’s Mixcloud page - this Saturday for the new season start. More info can also be found at or

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