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Ohrwurm returns to Pisco KL this weekend with Léa Occhi from France

Ohrwurm returns to Pisco KL this weekend with Léa Occhi from France

Ohrwurm returns speedily and they are excited to feature Lea Occhi from France this 26 May 2023 at Pisco KL. With support from Nazreth, Alam, and Dora.

Where words fail, music speaks. Reserved and solitary, Léa Occhi found refuge in music since her childhood. Jazz, soul music or French chansons, family moments usually came and still come hand in hand with music and sharing the joint, somewhat meditative listening experience.



An ardent curiosity for Electronic Music started rising in her high school days, pushing her towards broadening the musical horizon and consequently DJing in parallel to her fashion and design studies. After a few years of exploring parties in Germany and Paris, she co-founded Spectrum in 2017 - a Parisian collective with tolerance, diversity, freedom, parity and respect at its core. The collective host’s events at Station Gare des Mines, a rehabilitated industrial wasteland and former railway station, to provide a safer space for minority communities, where freedom of expression is lived in all thinkable forms. Through its lineups and podcasts channel, Spectrum highlights emerging French and international DJs and producers.

Léa is also at the forefront of promoting women in the Parisian electronic scene. Through her collective, she has managed to create a perfect balance between her own desires, ambitions, and her fundamental values.



Her sets stand out for their sharp selection and absolute coherence. A mental, groovy Techno fueled by organic, tribal elements – widely reverberating in its uniqueness and class. The creation of an intimate atmosphere and cohesion in each of her sets makes them stand out, equally so does the implementation of feelings and emotions while at the same time following a rather minimalistic approach in the music itself.

Supports for the evening this Friday will come from Nazreth, Alam, and Dora.

Friday 26 May 2023. Pisco KL. 9pm-3am. Admission RM50 (no first drink). Call +603-2142 2900 or visit Pisco KL on their Facebook page at or for information and bookings/reservations details.

Pisco KL, 29, Jalan Mesui, off Jalan Nagasari, KL

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