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One Big Reunion see's out 2019 for the Ultimate Retro Experience at Marini's on 57

One Big Reunion see's out 2019 for the Ultimate Retro Experience at Marini's on 57


Reunite Events, the team that brought you The Big Reunion Retro Parties are back by popular demand to give you Kuala Lumpur’s ultimate retro experience. One Big Reunion 2019. Come 28 December 2019, fans and former patrons of 80-90s clubs Baze, Baze 2 and DV8 will be “reunited” once again to relive the glory days with the original line-ups of its DJs and, of course, the music. All the original DJs from the above mentioned legendary clubs will bring you original dance floor hits exactly how it was played and arranged during that golden nostalgic clubbing era.



This year’s venue will be at Malaysia’s most iconic rooftop bar, Marini’s on 57, Menara 3 Petronas, Persiaran KLCC, KL and the deejays promise to “take it to where it was back to in the good old days”.

These DJs include original club legends such as Jakeman aka Dato Jake Abdullah, Papasoul also known as Ravi Abdullah (owner of Baze), Glen Hitman, Q & Kiggity K (Kumaraza) from Baze and Baze 2. Representing DV8 will be the notorious DJ Nesh and DV8’s Chief DJ Jason Koo.

Lively Larry will be your Host and MC for the night. There will also be loads of exciting prizes and merchandise to be given away. All you have to do is to come in early, stay on the dancefloor or stick around for Lucky Draw later in the night.

And, of course, here’s a little background on the two memorable clubs.


Derived from the word 'Deviate' which means 'to depart from an established course', DV8 did just that. Charting its course to be totally different from the other mainstream clubs in PJ, DV8 owners Charlie Chin and Edmund Tan directed its music direction par none, bringing the London style of clubbing to PJ, featuring genres which never worked in any other club in PJ at that time. Not to mention Charlie & Edmund's extravagant dressing style, setting the trend back in the days.

Piloting the console, legendary D's such as Jason Koo, Bernard Charles, Khairul AR, John-Dev Pereira and many more 'legendary names' in the industry created a legendary playlist for that legendary brand name in the industry from 1989 up to 2006 spinning with 12" vinyls in the beginning to the Digital Formats in the later years. Regulars at DV8 will remember that Digital Drum Pads in the console and the additional 'noise' added to the DJ's mix sets.

As DV8 closed later than the rest of the clubs in KL and PJ of that era, this was THE venue that most DJs from other clubs come to connect and learn from the Resident DJs.  From weekdays to weekends, late night clubbers from F&B Industries, Hotel Industries, Airlines industries and more would congregate and dance with joy and pride to the legendary tunes for that once in a lifetime experience that only regular 'DV8-ers' will understand and love.


Baze was the Number One...rephrase that, the ONLY SOUL Club in Malaysia that spawned so many 'copycats' in later years. It was the only venue in town where the crowd trusted the DJs choice of music completely. This concept was the brainchild of Founder and Owner Ravi Abdullah aka 'Pappasoul' in the early 90s who set up this hidden little gem at the basement level of Wisma Central, Ampang. The club then moved base to the neighbouring Yow Chuan Plaza in the mid 90s as Baze 2.

At the time, this was the venue that boasted the best sound system, with a full range of JBL high end series speakers installed all around by Customize Designs UK. The concept and direction of Baze was to be the only authentic, undisputed Soul Club in KL with predominant street art murals decorating its walls, making a bold statement that in Baze, Black Music rules!

Targeting the fashionable, trendy upper class of KL Clubbing Society back in the 90s, Baze was the 'creator' and 'innovator', setting the trend for music that had yet to catch in KL. Yes, they played it first before anyone else in the market back in the days. Be it R&B, Soul, Funk, Hip-Hop, Reggae/Ragga to New Jack Swing; Baze popularized them FIRST! Not to mention pre-released White Label records, they played it first as well!

Legendary DJs such as Jakeman, Suresh (Mega), DJ Mr Q, the late DJ Najee, Kooma and a host of others took charge of the DJ console, creating a unique music diversity and direction that the Soul Club Members cherished up till today, spinning with real 12" vinyls, adding on the digital formats in the later years. It was even rumoured that Baze in KL played better Soul music than most clubs in London back in the days.

Tickets for the event are priced at RM100 and include one drink. Just like many of Reunite events parties, Presale and prebuy tickets for this event was sold out within a week and there will be limited amount sold at the door on event day (28 December) after 12 midnight only. For any enquiries, please call Ariff at +60-12-953 2646

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