Organic Trails - Altered Visions Night Republic Bar 20 October 2018

Organic Trails - Altered Visions Night Republic Bar 20 October 2018

Organic Trails – an Altered Visions night of Psytrance is set to take over Republic Club on Changkat Bukit Bintang this 20 October 2018.

After a very long break, Altered Vision is back to blast some multi-variety Psytrance tunes throughout the night with DJ headliner, Alien Trancesistor of India’s Vantara Vichitra Records. Joining him for the night will be Oddicon (Vantara Vichitra / Purple Hexagon / Altered Vision), Pranic Frequency (Altered Vision / Sattvika), Fiqtion (Altered Vision) and Taruntula (Altered Vision).



Alien Trancesistor is from Bangalore. He is also the co-owner of Vantara Vichitra Records. A transistor, by definition, is a semiconductive device used to amplify electronic signals and electrical power. For over a decade, Alien Trancesistor has been doing just that. By offering a platform for artists to showcase their distinct talents and artistic vision, he has been amplifying and conducting the artistic energy of his peers through his tasteful selection of music in his own unique performances.

His mastery of high energy psychedelia has only further reinforced his role as an innovator and leader in the psytrance community as he continues to make ripples with his record label, Vantara Vichitra Records. His sets are groovy, driving, powerful dance floor music incorporated with organic forest sounds. A performer since 2004, he spent years honing his skills and establishing his unique style as a DJ, producer and event promoter before he leapt forward and began his journey as a label manager.



Founded in 2011, his work with Vantara Vichitra Records has been unmistakably defined by his nurturing attitude towards artists who show potential and valour in their art. Ever since he started DJing he has been constantly spreading his sounds at various festivals / parties right across the globe from India, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Austria, Croatia, Romania, Greece, Czech Republic, Germany and Finland, to Spain, USA, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Dubai, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Catch Alien Trancesistor as he continues on his personal journey as he establishes himself as an individual with an uncanny talent in guiding dance floors on their psychedelic journey worldwide.

Oddicon is a DJ and event organizer hailing from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A truly 360 ̊ versatile DJ, he moves any and all dance floors with his range of complex, intelligent, twisted and fun dance music spanning powerful, groovy twilight-hybrid-forest psychedelic sounds to fresh, clean techno. Oddicon began his split-music freak persona through an early discovery for psytrance in high school. He co-pioneered the psychedelic movement in Malaysia, throwing parties since 2007 and later as the founder of Altered Visions. A true contributor to the psychedelic scene in Southeast Asia, Odd’s technical wizardry was discovered and signed up to play under Purple Hexagon (Italy/Indonesia) and Vantara Vichitra Records (India).



His experience in organizing festivals in Asia and Europe with multiple international teams led him to live an active, nomadic life - he currently works with MODEM Festival (Croatia) while playing parties across Europe, Scandinavia, India, Nepal and all around South East Asia. Previous festival work includes Freqs of Nature (Germany), Ozora (Hungary), Burning Mountain (Switzerland), Tangra (Bulgaria), Human Evolution (Italy), Paradise (Austria), Vantara Vichitra Gathering (India), Belantara (Malaysia) and Solar Eclipse Sulawesi (Indonesia). 

fiQtion aka Shafiq Shuhaimi, an audiophile spiritual critter hailing from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is unlike any other with his blend of unique sounds. He reveals his love and compassion for humanity by taking his listeners on a journey through time and space, bringing deep, soulful and emotional sound to the dance floor, blended with energetic melody and groovy pumping beats to create an eloquent experience wherever he plays. He is affiliated to Altered Visions as a DJ and as an Event Promoter. Together with local DJ's of various genres, fiQtion and Altered Visions are currently working on new projects and events in Malaysia to educate and expand the dance music scene and most importantly spread love to all.

Pranic Frequency hails from Penang, where he is part of Sattvika, the Psychedelic and Alternative Electronic Music Community of Northern Malaysia.



Taruntula is inspired by the spider species itself, maintaining a personality of calmness and only strikes when threatened. He’s always looking to blend in various Psychedelic and Techno beats and inject them with earthly elements.  Specialised genres: PsyTech and Dark Prog.

There will also be a visionary art gallery, projection mapping, light shows, vendors and of course Psychedelic Trance.

REPUBLIC CLUB, 21, Changkat Bukit Bintang, KL: Admission(with one drink): RM40.

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