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PichaEats line up festive platters for Deepavali season

PichaEats line up festive platters for Deepavali season

PichaEats brings you a line-up of beautiful festive platters for the Deepavali season specially crafted by Chef Salam, Chef Zana, Chef Zeenat & Chef Nusrat!

All platters are prepared with the home recipes of the Picha Chefs, bringing the richness, flavours & stories of their homeland. Since its inception back in 2016, PichaEats has partnered with 25 chefs, serving 135K meals and given back MYR 2mil to the chefs, allowing them to cover basic living expenses and children’s education fees here in Malaysia.

These platters are available for purchase on PichaEats website until 11 November 2021. 


Category: Mains


Salam’s Smoked Biryani Feast

One of the best Chicken Biryani in town this season! Filled with flavour as you savour each bite including Chef Salam’s Signature Smoked Chicken Biryani, Mint Yoghurt, Chopped Salad and Omapodi (Crispy South Indian Snack)

Priced at RM169. Feeds 4-5 people.


PichaEats line up festive platters for Deepavali season - Nusrat's Homey Family Feast


Nusrat’s Homey Family Feast

"Love at first bite...truly."

Enjoy this amazing spread cooked by Chef Nusrat from Pakistan with her special home recipes, bringing us a taste of Pakistan! Includes Hand-Kneaded Chapati (V), Potato Samosa, Chicken Keema (spicy), Raita Salad with Yogurt (V), Aloo Gobi (V), Palak Paneer with Homemade Cheese (V), Pakora (Spiced Fritters) (V)  and Kheer (Pakistani Rice Pudding).

Priced at RM149. Feeds 4-5 people.

Category: Lightbites
Sana’s Paani Poori Party

If you’re looking for an interactive & delish platter, look no further! Fixed with Paani Poori along with its condiments, assorted Bajji (everyone’s favourite!) and more, order your very own savoury platter made with love by Chef Sana and includes Prata with Mint Chutney, Paani Poori, Chickpea Masala, Potato Masala, Mint Water, Tamarind Chutney, Pakora (Spiced Fritters) (V), Assorted Bajji and Pickled Onions.

Priced at RM85. Feeds 4-5 people.


PichaEats line up festive platters for Deepavali season - Sana's Paani Poori Party


Nusrat’s Assorted Light bites Platter

Nusrat's home-styled snacks, great for 4-5 pax! Experience the burst of authentic flavours from Pakistan through her special recipes and includes Hand-Kneaded Chapati (V)Potato SamosaChicken Keema (Spicy)Raita Salad with YogurtAloo Gob and Palak Paneer with Homemade Cheese. 

Priced at RM82. Feeds 4-5 people.


Zeenat’s Kebab & Fruit Chat Platter

Bright colours and filled with flavour, Chef Zeenat’s specially curated savoury platter has everything you need and more. Unique with Fruit Chaat made using papaya, pomegranate, corn and coriander - you’re definitely gonna want to try it. Includes Beetroot ChapatiDhalPakora (Spiced Fritters) (V)Shammi KebabFruit Chaat (uniquely made with papaya!) and Mint Chutney.

Priced at RM82. Feeds 4-5 people.


Category: Sweet,


Salam’s Sweet Delights

There’s always space for dessert right? ;) Nothing better to make your day than a platter filled with traditional sweets, made by our very own Chef Salam and includes Ghee Balls (Raisin and Beetroot)Kheer (Rice pudding)LadduChocolate BarfiKesariGulab JamunMurukku and Omapodi.

Priced at RM125. Feeds 4-5 people.

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