Pisco Bar Jacques April 1 2018

Pisco Bar Jacques April 1 2018

Pisco Bar is proud to present an intimate evening of improvisational techno by the one and only master of it all, Jacques.  He will be playing a full live set filled with instruments from far and beyond along with the sexy sound of analogue.

Jacques is Jacques. But Jacque + Jacque = Jacques. But it's basically the same guy. Lost between thoughtful meditation and deliberate spontaneity, Jacques composes electronic music to make normal and strange people dance together.

Jacques is in a permanent duet with the beauty hidden in the sound of everyday things : "Tout Est Magnifique" (everything is beautiful).

Jacques, with his half-shave skull, is a character apart. Awesome French producer and DJ of “transversal techno”, Jacques collects sounds from objects, nature as well, Internet noises to create melodies and unusual tracks.

He is a complete artist who focuses his interests on music, philosophy, atmosphere and virtual reality. Let’s have a closer look on this unconventional character.

Jacques started music at the age of 14 playing guitar, but really developed his projecy in 2013 ending up signing with the label Pain Surprises. But what is his music really about? What’s making him so interesting? Some might think Jacques Auberger is just playing a role.

PISCO BAR : 29, Jalan Mesui, off Jalan Nagasari, Kuala Lumpur : Admission: RM30 pre booking - RM40 at the door. Call 03-2142 2900 or e-mail info@piscobarkl.com

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