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Newly opened PJ Performing Arts Centre welcomes solo calligraphy exhibition by Ong Chia Koon

Newly opened PJ Performing Arts Centre welcomes solo calligraphy exhibition by Ong Chia Koon

Stagebox Ventures brings the first exhibition of its kind to PJPAC, Sing A Song 2.0, a solo calligraphy exhibition by the Malaysian calligrapher Ong Chia Koon.

The event is supported by the newly opened PJ Performing Arts Centre, 1 Utama Shopping Centre’s newest annex 1 Utama E, on the second floor sharing the artist’s vision with the Bandar Utama and its neighbouring community.




The abstract poetic and emotive beauty of song lyrics reverberate through Chia Koon's calligraphy works. His self-expression as an artist through contemporary calligraphy celebrates his romantic being. For Chia Koon, song lyrics are like poems, each dot, stroke and line in his calligraphy expresses the sentiment of the lyrics perfectly. Contemporary lyrics touch his desires profoundly. His work in Sing A Song 2.0 translates his romantic being like fireworks - it bursts, expands, lights the skies; sparks then dim, fall and disappear.


Much akin to the romantic songs Chia Koon enjoys listening to, poetic lyrics emote sensations of falling in love, happiness, ecstasy as well as heartbreak, rejection and loneliness.




The song lyrics exhibited in Sing A Song 2.0 were all hand picked by the artist as they hold special meaning to him. QR codes are provided at the exhibition to listen to the related songs while enjoying the artwork through his eleventh solo exhibition since his first in 2004.


The Official Opening is the 19th October 2021, Tuesday from 7.00pm Video screening (English) 7.35pm Artist Talk (Mandarin/ English) at the PJ Performing Arts Centre, 2nd Floor, 1 Utama E. The Calligraphy Workshop starts on 23rd October 2021, Saturday @ 11am at the Nero Event Space. Priced at RM55, bookings can be made at (participants are welcome to bring along their own equipment for the workshop)

For more information to get to PJPAC please visit: or email 03- 7732 4788.

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