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Ryoma Quartet Live at No Black Tie 30 July 2018

Ryoma Quartet Live at No Black Tie 30 July 2018

Ryoma Quartet Live at No Black Tie 30 July 2018.

Ryoma Quartet is a modern / traditional musical band, using traditional musical instruments such as bamboo flute, drum, and violin to create new music. Performing live at No Black Tie on the 30th July, the band comprises of 4 people dressed in samurai outfits; instead of using swords they use musical instruments as their weapon to break the sound barrier.


Its uniqueness is beyond the scenes and genres, and debuted in Pony Canyon in 2016, Spain "Japan Spain 400th anniversary" 3 city tour, in Thailand for “JAPAN EXPO THAILAND", in 2016, 2017, and 2018; Imperial jazz, which is annually held in the Imperial Hotel where they appeared in 2017 ", has won a great deal of support in Japan and abroad asked not offer is constantly around the world.


Ryoma Quartet made their first debut in Kuala Lumpur last year, 2017 at Japan Expo Malaysia 2017 and created a hype with their music, causing the visitors not to sit but move aesthetically to their music. Due to their popularity among the new fans, they will make a return to Japan Expo Malaysia 2018.

NO BLACK TIE: 17, Jalan Mesui, off Jalan Nagasari, KL: 8pm. Admission: RM160. Concert menu available. Call 03-2142 3737 after 5pm or visit for bookings.

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