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SaturdaySelects Roshan Menon talks Record Label, LiveStreams and Future Plans

SaturdaySelects Roshan Menon talks Record Label, LiveStreams and Future Plans

Keeping up with the music in these troubled times is no walk in the park. Malaysian local creative agency specialising in music, events and artist management SaturdaySelects are keeping track on air and from their recently set up studio over the Livestream format with a return of their SaturdaySelects on Air for a second season of online radio shows and live streams.

They’re bringing some of their favourite club nights from the recent past on to the Livestream platform for you to enjoy in the safety and comfort of your homes. From crowd favourite Spicy Riddim Club and Malaya Disco Party, to live recordings of their radio shows and brand new nights like Groove Theory!



As a creative agency, SaturdaySelects have also created a platform to share new music from artists around the world via their record label and expand the audiences of their artists and brands they work with. 

The record label has been around for about three years now with their latest release from Mister Rodrigo (formerly The Mutual Collective); currently based between Kuala Lumpur and Orlando and heavily affected by the working-class culture of his hometown where his music explores the roots of house and techno with a focus on breakbeat and garage. Having founded his digital creative studio, Wax Tropical Studios in 2020, his music produces a raw feeling with a taste of the nostalgic sound that represents himself as an artist. 



Here, we take an opportunity to have a brief chat with label and SaturdaySelects founder, artist, photographer and DJ Roshan Menon, to find out how they're coping this year.

What were your objectives when you started the label, and why did you start it?

We started the record label about a year after starting SaturdaySelects. The primary mission was to provide an avenue for the DJs who were also producers in the crew, an avenue to put out the music they were making. Eventually, this developed into an opportunity to work together with producers from around the world on exclusive releases, remixes and premiering new tracks from artists via our SoundCloud page! We started out by releasing mainly singles and remixes of popular tracks. We then expanded into Remix EPs, which featured many rising producers like Daaliah, IAMBZAR and Ms Mavy! Now we’re focusing on original releases with the latest, Show Me Love EP being our 3rd original release.

How many releases have you had so far?

We’ve had around 12 EPs, 2 Compilations and 24 Singles released under SaturdaySelects in the past 3 years!

What's next for the label? With CMCO still in progress, what plans from now on for you? What can we expect?

We’re going to be focusing on a lot more original music and to continue working with producers from around the world to release music. With local artists like Mister Rodrigo and Analog K recently joining the roster, you can expect a lot of electronic music coming out. Daaliah and $miley are both also working on their individual projects that will come out first quarter next year, which we are extremely excited about!



How have you been coping during this time this year? How have you been keeping busy through all this?

The first couple of months earlier this year when MCO kicked off threw us off a little as it was completely unexpected as it was for everyone experiencing this pandemic. We decided in May to set up our very own studio and kick off our weekly Livestream sessions alongside some really interesting content like playlists, which we got friends of ours from South Korea and New York to curate for us. It’s definitely given us the opportunity to explore projects and collaborations which were always parked on the side as we were focusing entirely on our monthly residencies and live shows pre-CMCO.

How do you feel about how the RMCO is progressing regarding the music industry in Malaysia as a whole?

Honestly, looking at the music industry as the bigger picture, I think this RMCO has given birth to some new producers in the scene and pushing existing producers to put out more music and work together with vocalists. So the live artist/recording section of the music industry has been doing well! Just look at Spotify’s numbers!

From a DJs standpoint, it’s sad that we can’t organise live shows anymore. Most DJs in Malaysia rely on working as a form of income and now with them being out of jobs, most have turned to other alternatives and avenues to make a living. I don’t think we should open nightclubs just yet until its safe and proper measures are in place for us to get back on the dance floor safely. I think what we really want is an acknowledgement that the music, arts and culture scene (particularly the DJs) is an important aspect of our country's economic ecosystem. That and a form of financial help that goes directly to those in these industries that are heavily affected by this pandemic. It’s not a simple task, but definitely one that will be worthwhile for our citizens. As said by Friedrich Nietzsche, Life without music is no life at all.

Coming up from SaturdaySelects:

- 2 December 2020 SaturdaySelects Radio

- 5 December 2020 Dance Dance SOP Revolution

- 10 December 2020 Groove Theory

- 11 December 2020 Wine & Jazz

- 15 December 2020 Spectrum Radio Live

Go vibe with them exclusively via Mixcloud! Check out and their Instagram for links, timing details and more information. Check out their record label at

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