[Updated] UMAI Free Software For Malaysia F&B Operators + Support Local Business through Covid 19

[Updated] UMAI Free Software For Malaysia F&B Operators + Support Local Business through Covid 19

UMAI the marketing software company for restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs in Malaysia has launched a new product for FREE that helps restaurants manage delivery and takeaway orders, as well as a gift card service – all on the same software.

As the Movement Control Order and social distancing requirements have now threatened the livelihoods of many F&B operators, UMAI is offering this service to all F&B providers at zero cost during this unprecedented time as a show of support and solidarity.


UMAI Offers Free Software For Malaysia F&B Operators + Support Local Business through Covid 19


The new software will enable F&B operators to help manage takeaway, delivery and gift card services directly from their website and social media accounts, while customers will also have more variety of options to choose from in supporting their favourite restaurants. “These are tough times for the industry. As fewer customers dine in, restaurants and café’s will have to innovate and sell through different channels. We’re looking to support the operators that currently are unable to accept online orders and payment by expanding their reach through this software,” says Alexander Small, co-Founder and Managing Director of UMAI. “Many restaurants are having a hard time surviving this, so we built a system to help them stay afloat and decided to offer it for free during this period– we’re in this with them, and will do everything we can to help support their business during this time.

For more information, visit: https://www.umai.io/takeaway-delivery-gift-cards-malaysia

UMAI also suggest ways in how to help local business during this difficult time

  1. Order takeaway, pick up or delivery. We understand that not everybody can cook (or is good at cooking!) so these are great alternatives to dining in at an establishment. Many independently-owned restaurants and food businesses that haven't previously done so are now getting onto delivery platforms. 
  2. Purchase gift cards. Purchasing gift cards to the restaurants that you love is an immediate way to put cash into the business. Get the cash today. Use it for later.
  3. Take advantage of the discounts. Some are offering incentives for first-time customers for takeout orders and deliveries, e.g. free deliveries, a rebate on your order or something similar.
  4. Tip to show your appreciation. Consider being a little generous and tip the wait staff and delivery people since their income will drop due to a decline in sales. Tips don't help the F&B business but it does help the people that work for the industry and risking their safety for us.

You can also check out there latest list of businesses that they support highlighting the various services that are on offer—including special promos

If you're an F&B business and would like to be listed, please click here or to give UMAI your details via Whatsapp!


[Update 26 March]

UMAI launches the largest database of restaurants that sell gift cards to help keep your favourite restaurants afloat.

As the Covid-19 pandemic progresses, governments are implementing lockdown and initiating quarantines that are affecting local businesses – purchasing/selling of gift cards helps provide them with immediate cashflow.

On 26th March 2020, UMAI has launched the largest directory of Malaysian restaurants and cafes that offer gift cards and vouchers, making it easier for diners to support their favourite restaurants by purchasing for themselves, loved ones, or the less fortunate. Buying full or discounted value vouchers will help restaurants with immediate cash flow and offset lost income amidst the Malaysian Movement Restriction Order.

There are a lot of restaurants that are deciding whether they stay is business or not,” says Co-Founder, Jonas Chelbat. “Our generosity, collectively as consumers, now literally affects the ability of your favourite restaurant to stay open.” “At this point, the purchasing of gift cards is the best thing any of us can do to support restaurants – and it’s winwin. It’s like giving a restaurant or cafe a loan and getting paid back in food, drinks and appreciation. We built this software so that consumers can purchase this on behalf of loved ones, support the less fortunate or simply for themselves during this difficult time,” says Co-Founder, Alexander Small. “The most important thing we can do is bring attention to the problem, and help the community play a role in solving it.”

The site currently features 63 restaurants that sell gift cards. UMAI is aiming to help at least 200 more restaurants make it onto the list.

Visitors can:

• Search for a specific restaurant, or browse based on who has discounted gift cards - by area, cuisine type and so forth.

• Visitors can purchase a restaurants gift card directly from the restaurant’s website, by clicking on a restaurant.

Any restaurant can add their gift card to the directory.

For more information, visit: https://www.umai.io/en/malaysia


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