Telawi Secrets ft Jonathan Kusuma at Jiro KL 5 October 2018

Telawi Secrets ft Jonathan Kusuma at Jiro KL 5 October 2018

Jonathan Kusuma is a musician, producer and DJ based in Singapore and Jakarta due to appear at Jiro KL for Telawi Secrets on 5 October 2018 he initially gaining respect for co-founding the label Space.rec in Jakarta, his music is now mainly released under the influential labels “I’m a Cliché” (Paris) and Cocktail d’Amour (Berlin). With the latter, Kusuma released the “Black Magic” EP (2016) and “Automatone”. In 2014 he released his debut EP “Gong 3000” on “I’m a Cliché” followed by the “Underpass” EP on “ Love on the Rocks” (Berlin) in 2015.



The same year, he also released various remix projects for 5alad on Factor City Label (Barcelona), Split Secs on Machine Limited (US), Cabaret Nocturne on Rotten City(Madrid) and Vicky Montefusco on Clouded Vision Label (UK).



As a DJ, Kusuma has played internationally in places and parties such as the esteemed Cocktail D’Amour parties at Griessmuehle (Berlin), Razzmatazz (Barcelona), Oath (Tokyo), Bonobo (Tokyo), Holy Barbarians Gypsy (Kyoto), Power Station New Guernica (Melbourne), Elysium (KL), Savage (Hanoi), Karma Castle (Bangkok), Time (Manila), Headquarter (Singapore), Guggenheim (Bilbao) and Moog (Barcelona).

Also featuring for the night is Jiro KL music honcho Alan Tand.

JIRO KL: 61-1, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, KL: Admission: RM40. Information and RSVP call 011-3916 9629.

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