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The Basement - Malaysia's newest streaming platform set for Launch

The Basement - Malaysia's newest streaming platform set for Launch

The newest streaming platform on the Malaysian airwaves launches this Friday 29th October 2021. Welcoming The Basement – set to be one of the most exciting homegrown streaming channels focusing on electronic music.

Get set to immerse yourself to live unique DJ sets and original content from Malaysian heroes as well as special guests.

Organisers have indicated they will be launching their pilot episode with a kick off at 9 pm this Friday featuring Alam (Ohrwurm), Irama, and Nadia with a guest appearance by Malaysian urban legend Joe Flizzow, in a special Halloween themed live stream from 9 pm-12 am. Music is set to range across 3 genres: Hiphop, House, and then more tech sounds at the end; according to organisers, catering more towards a general party crowd.



Organised in partnership with Mbits Digital, the channel is accessible via the Get Play website or via the Get Play App (iOS & Android). Its programming represents many genres, from house to techno, hip hop to dubstep, EDM to Garage and more. The Basement aims to showcase the Malaysian electronic and urban nightlife scene.

Tune in Live from the Get Play app. You can download GetPlay from the app store or android store, then just head over to the bubbles tab and click The Basement. You can also visit their Facebook page or for information.

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