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The Crusty Nest Restaurant Review

The Crusty Nest Restaurant Review

Restaurant Review

I first reviewed The Crusty Nest about four years ago when they first opened. The shop is located directly opposite one of the entrances to the Subang SS15 wet market, and you just can’t miss its bright white sign. [Editor note : Crusty Nest address has changed to No. 10, Jalan USJ 11/3J, 47620 Subang Jaya]

I was so glad to return and find that both their menu and their serving style has changed. By that, I mean that when they first started, they operated almost like a food truck. Pies were dished out to you in paper boxes which you had to eat with plastic forks. Now, however, everything comes in lovely porcelain plates.

The Crusty Nest Subang Jaya SS15 Interior

Their simple yet homely interior is still intact, and you’ll find their selection of baked goods displayed in a glass chiller next to the cashier. In the past, you had to order at the counter, but now it’s much easier. Dine-in customers can find a seat and they’ll be handed a laminated menu.

Every item on the menu is labeled with their respective prices, and there’s a little box beside it which you can tick with the marker pens provided to indicate your order. In addition to the savory and sweet pies and tarts, they’re popular for; diners also get to choose from several main dishes, oatmeal bowls, and sandwiches.

The Crusty Nest Subang Jaya Oatmeal bowl

I was being a bit adventurous, so I decided to try something that wasn’t on their menu when they started, which was the Vitamin Booster oatmeal bowl. It was served warm with plenty of fruits and crunchy granola sprinkled on top. I wasn’t prepared for how comforting and satisfying this dish was.

I mean, if you served me a warm bowl of oats with equally warm fruits on top, I would probably be turned off, but somehow this bowl worked. I would recommend you go for any of their oatmeal bowls if you’re feeling under the weather. The texture of the soft oatmeal swimming in cream ( or yogurt, I’m not sure) is balanced out by the crunchy granola and sourness of the oranges and kiwi.

The Crusty Nest Subang Jaya SS15 chicken & Mushroom Pie

Their pies are still very good. I had the chicken mushroom pie and a quiche. Both were served to me piping hot, so no cold pies here. I chose to upgrade my mushroom pie with a side of mash potatoes, which you can do for a mere RM 5 added.

The pie crust here at The Crusty Nest has been very consistent. They’re never stodgy and are thin enough to hold a rich amount of fillings. One thing I’m very happy about is how they try and make their pies a lot healthier now. In the past, if you ordered a pie, that’s all you’ll get.

The Crusty Nest Subang Jaya SS15 Quiche

Now, every pie you order comes with several spoonfuls of granola for some extra fiber. I recommend that you add that mash potato serving to any savory pie you order so that things don’t get too ‘dry’.  I’ll be very sure to try their sweet tarts the next time I come. This time I just couldn’t from all the good food that just filled me up.

Prices here are quite good. Pies range from RM10- RM 15 and main courses ( which are mainly chicken) costs between RM 25 to RM 28.The Crusty Nest is open from 9.30am for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s within walking distance to the new multi-story car park in SS15 so you can park there.

The Crusty Nest

Address changed to No. 10, Jalan USJ 11/3J, 47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Phone: +6012-291 7307

Opening Hours :  Monday - Sunday 07:30AM - 19:00PM

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