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The Epic Tribe 10 Year Anniversary 12 May 2018

The Epic Tribe 10 Year Anniversary 12 May 2018

EPIC Tribe, Malaysia's leading and growing Psychedelic Culture, Music & Arts collectives celebrate 10 years of Psychedelic Trance Culture, Music, & Art in Kuala Lumpur on the 12th May at Garlic Fusion Restaurant & Bar KL. With three of their long time residents and co-founders taking you through the night. DJ Radzy (EPIC Tribe/BMSS Records), By The Rain (EPIC Tribe/BMSS Records) and Baburs (EPIC Tribe/ Trimurti Records). Visuals by Aumerta. Visionary live painting and art gallery from Art Of Nabura and ZEIDGEIZ. Alternative market area with PASAR KITA.

Radzy is a Psychedelic Trance Artiste and Promoter from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is the co-founder and organizer of Epic Tribe, Malaysia"s psychedelic trance collective family that has been promoting and hosting psychedelic trance culture music and arts in Kuala Lumpur since early 2007. Radzy is the co-organizer and cofounder of Belantara Gathering, Malaysia’s annual international psychedelic culture, music and arts festival. As a DJ, Radzy has played extensively in many gatherings and festivals around the globe, in Japan, China, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Goa, Lebanon, Indonesia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Hungary, Switzerland and all over Europe. Radzy has been described to have a versatile day or night time style with always a full dose of crystal clean psychedelic sound in his mix, but always keeping it original with a truly Malaysian style. YZDAR is a project by RADZY, venturing in the realms of producing weird psychedelic harmonies with atmospheric layers and deep sounds.



By The Rain experiments progressive sounds through ethnicity and various cultures combined together with electronics, sculpting waves of sound which brings out unique colours to one’s soul.



Baburs may look very serious on the outside but deep down inside he is a cheeky playful monkey. This can be seen with his way of working. Serious in continually sharpening his skills and knowledge by studying mixes to learn different styles and flow of mixing, but playful in his mixes with unexpected, funny, shocking moments. He is relatively new on the scene, having started in 2013 and is a member of EPIC Tribe, Malaysia’s leading and growing psychedelic culture, music, and art collectives, and a label Chill Out DJ for Trimurti Records. Baburs is also a resident DJ for Belantara Gathering (MAL). Baburs plays dark progressive and full on, both day and night sounds, however, he is best known for his Chill Out mixes and most notably for his crazy, eccentric dancing behind the decks. He doesn’t play a specific Chill Out style and instead mixes many different sounds, ranging from psy-dub, glitch, deep trance, ambient and so on. This weird combination is an invitation to the listener to embark on a journey through the realms of his mind.



GARLIC FUSION RESTAURANT & BAR KL:  Lot 8298 - 8302, Jalan Pantai Baru, KL: Admission: RM25.

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