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The Livescape Group Opens Doors For Malaysian Talents To Grow Online

The Livescape Group Opens Doors For Malaysian Talents To Grow Online

Southeast Asia's largest award-winning entertainment and creative agency, The Livescape Group opens its doors to introduce a space where local talents can utilise to stay relevant and grow in the digital era, providing a live-stream space for artists who seek to develop, explore and work on their digital content online.


We wanted to create an outlet for artists who would like to bring their art into the digital sphere, but were unable to do so for various reasons. We’re hoping to inject their personality into live-streams, revitalising the local music scene and bring hope to the music community here in Malaysia”, said Wan Muhammad Atif, Artist Manager of The Livescape Group.


Many acts have taken to streaming as an option for creative expression online and also for artists to connect with their fans while staying relevant. However, not many are as fortunate to have the equipment or knowledge to kick start their journey online.


Livescape has a team that can work alongside the artists or performers, tinkering and experimenting with the various technical factors in creating an engaging live-stream for music-related acts on their own channels. Key aspects include prioritising the visual appeal of the set-up alongside factors such as camera set up, lighting as well as audio aspects.




With what’s going on in the world right now and changes in how people are consuming music, it is important to stay relevant. A space like this is great as it helps us to connect with our fans digitally, especially with the right support in place simply means better quality live streaming sessions for our viewers.” said Khoo Hoong of Bass Agents.


Livescape has already engaged in working with local talents such as Bass Agents, Axel Groove, acts of Saturday Selects, Sweatbox, and Under The Radar, to kickstart their efforts in supporting the local music scene.


With hopes of re-energising the local music industry during these times, the team hopes to lend their hand where they can for local artists to explore their creativity in a safe, equipped space while seizing this opportunity to stay relevant and continuously interact with their fans during this time.

For artists that want to sign up for a FREE session can now sign up at

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