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The Shotlist Review

The Shotlist Review

The Shotlist is a cozy coffee house in the busy Sri Petaling enclave. However, these days, it appears they serve beer too. This was my first time there even though I’ve passed this café several times already. You have no idea how many times I’ve wanted to go in. The only thing that stopped me was probably the fact that there are so many eateries and cafes nearby that are equally attractive.

Exterior of The Shotlist, Sri Petaling | Kuala Lumpur Best Cafes Review 2018

The Shotlist has its own personal charm. I personally find the place more serious with its interior decorations compared to other cafes. I do hope the business thrives as I found out that they actually had a change in management in January 2018. The core menu remains much the same, with the main list of coffee and drinks remaining unchanged. If you visit their Facebook page, it appears to not be updated for the time being. It seems the new management needs some time to settle in.

Inside at The Shotlist, Sri Petaling | Kuala Lumpur Best Cafes Review 2018

I was there during tea time, and it wasn’t crowded, even if it was a weekend. I loved the fact that at the back of the café, there’s a quieter space with some really comfortable and cushy armchairs with small coffee tables. It provides a measure of privacy to those who seek it.

Iced chocolate at The Shotlist, Sri Petaling | Kuala Lumpur Best Cafes Review 2018

The menu is largely western, but there are some Asian inspired rice dishes too. They’ve definitely updated the menu from the previous management, and I noticed that many of the pork dishes that were heavily promoted by the previous management were largely missing. Since it was tea time, I settled on a toasted egg sandwich, some fried potato wedges and a slice of chocolate banana cake. From the beverage menu, I settled for an iced chocolate.

Cheesy potato wedges at The Shotlist, Sri Petaling | Kuala Lumpur Best Cafes Review 2018

The first to arrive were the potato wedges. They came topped with a generous amount of cheese sauce and mayonnaise. I can say with great honesty that this was arguably among the best wedges I’ve had it a long time. It was piping hot, crispy on the outside and melt-in-your-mouth soft on the inside. The sauce really made a difference.

Toasted egg sandwich at The Shotlist, Sri Petaling | Kuala Lumpur Best Cafes Review 2018

Next, the egg salad sandwiches. The bread it was of looked handmade and looked as if it was baked in-house or sourced from an artisanal baker. It was toasted but not hard, just lightly crisp. I wish there was just a bit more filling on the inside, and there was plenty of fresh leafy vegetables to give it enough crunch.

Choco banana cake at The Shotlist, Sri Petaling | Kuala Lumpur Best Cafes Review 2018

There were several cakes available in the display case, most of which was chocolate based or cheesecakes so I settled for the chocolate banana version. The cakes are really worth it. One bite and I could tell that the ingredients were of the best quality. The chocolate was rich but not too sweet, and the bananas were soft and provided just the right amount of accents to the cake. It’s not too costly to eat here. I actually had all four items for less than RM50. The wedges and egg sandwich was actually less than RM10 each. The chocolate banana cake was about RM12 and the café opens from 11am to 11pm for now.

I do wish that I could take more pictures of the menu but it never occurred to me that the new management’s menu would be extensively different. So, even if you’ve been here before, maybe it’s time to return and give them another try. The food is really good. It’s actually among the best I’ve had in a café setting. Please give the new management time to update their Facebook page. The place is still open, despite the page saying otherwise.

The Shotlist Cafe

81, Jalan Radin Bagus, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Phone: +60 3-9054 8959

Opening Hours: Everyday from 11:00 - 23:00

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