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The Sweatbox How Far? Ft Paul Jove REN 20 October 2018

The Sweatbox How Far? Ft Paul Jove REN 20 October 2018

The Sweatbox - How Far? featuring Paul Jove (San Pedro Music, Bolivia) at REN (Kyo KL) 20 October 2018

A balanced path of light and dark is good practice in all things throughout life. This train of thought resonates throughout Paul Jove’s (aka Pituko) career of 15+ years as a musician, producer and DJ. He is a constant workhorse in the Bolivian electronic music scene with presentations on just about every weekend.



Not only does he run and manage a successful vegan/vegetarian restaurant but he also runs Bolivia’s oldest and constant electronic music net label, San Pedro Music. He’s released his own music that spans from ambient acoustic to dance tracks as well as doing his share of remixing throughout the years. This solid commitment to the music scene has given fruit to shows, releases and presentations that range geographically from the Americas to parts of South East Asia.


Paul Jove is committed to a sound/performance that is not measured by mainstream acceptance but rather by the quality of music and interaction. This is truly reflected in the now active San Pedro Music releases, which not only feature Bolivian artists, but also various guests from different parts of the world.

Paul is joining Sweatbox residents OtherKind and Obadius in an outworldly experience. South American rhythms, fusions of ethnic elements, deep and rare grooves specific to the majestic and far away Latin America, all in a bouquet of energetic beats and melodies that we have never heard before. 
Join them for a very special edition of The Sweatbox to get yourself immersed in mysterious rhythms and experience first-hand Paul's eclectic and unique approach to music.

REN @ KYO KL: Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur, off Jalan Pinang, KLCC, KL: Admission (with one drink): RM50. For table reservations please contact or 012-921 1730.

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