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This baby friendly restaurant has left a lasting impression!

This baby friendly restaurant has left a lasting impression!


Ding Tai Fung pavilion

Yummy and baby friendly!

Having a toddler in tow makes us really look out for baby friendly places because not only can some places be less suitable but can even be downright dangerous! Ding Tai Fung at pavilion left us a lasting impression.

The owner definitely thought of how to make children dine happily. Look at this set of dining wares! Enough to attract children's attention. The cute design doubles as distraction tools.

Food is also served quite fast even during peak hour. Any parents will understand how important it is to keep their toddlers occupied with different food choices. And they have to be cooked in less oil and salt. Fried rice is a great choice for those with babies. All ingredients diced and suitable to feed babies with- vegetables, prawns, char siew, eggs. Small enough so fussy eaters don't get a chance to pick out things they don't like.

This bowl of noodles in braised tofu gravy will also please the little ones. The flavor is mild with nice caramel colored soup sprinkled with silky tofu. The noodle is so soft that it practically melts in the mouth.

Others dishes for the grown-ups. The sign nature xiao long bao, wrapped identically and delicately. These are filled with fragrant broth and minced pork fillings. The skin is just the right thickness to contain all these goodness.

Steam dumplings. Again, impeccable dumpling skin. One bite reveals the perfect combination of leek and minced pork fillings. So good that one would order for more. Fried food to satisfy the inner rebellious self that craves for some crunchy treats. Frying really enhances the flavor. Surprisingly, not oily at all.



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