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TranceSylvania Zouk KL 11 May 2018

TranceSylvania Zouk KL 11 May 2018

Zouk Club KL's largest indoor all-Trance festival is back with TranceSylvania in the main room come 11 May 2018 with a six-DJ line up for all to enjoy. The Trance genre was at the forefront of the Electronic Music Movement when it first gained global recognition. Its specific blend of minimalist beats, arpeggiated rhythms and repeating melodic phrases took the dance scene into mainstream popular culture – stemming a musical movement still pumping to this day.

Although Trance had seen a peak and a drop in popularity since the 1990s, its die-hard fans stuck by it, culminating in a resurgence of the movement in more recent times best displayed by international events such as “A State of Trance” and locally by the hordes of fans that turn out to Zouk KL KL Trance Events and others.


This presents another opportunity for Zouk KL to once again do something spectacular for the local trance scene, all under the roof of Asia’s Largest Superclub. This 2018, Zouk KL will be bringing 3 different international acts into the scene, including Super8 & Tab, KhoMha, and Willem de Roo performing LIVE at Zouk Mainroom with support from Local Trance legends Boris FoongChukiess & Whackboi, and DJ FONO.



Super8 & Tab embody the power and passion of trance, proving time and time and again they’re scene leaders who are taking the sound into the future. The Finnish duo helped kickstart the ‘Hybrid Trance’ revolution with their ground breaking debut Helsinki Scorchin’ in 2006. This same trailblazing spirit continues with their just released third studio album “Reformation”. Always with an eye to the future, Finns Janne Mansnerus and Miika Eloranta remain unparalleled in creating euphoric dancefloor experiences - whether this comes via one of their high-energy DJ sets at leading events and festivals around the world, or within the four walls of their Helsinki studio.

“Reformation” comes at a time when Super8 & Tab are still riding high on the fresh excitement of their partnership with Armada Music. It’s led to an unstoppable explosion of new anthems, not the least of which was 2016’s Mega, which trance powerhouse Armin van Buuren showcased for an entire six months prior to it to it holding #1 on Beatport for three consecutive weeks upon release, as well as racking up millions of plays on Spotify. Follow-up records Cosmo and Quest were also quickly snapped up for high rotation in Armin’s sets. Their new album also sees the duo collaborating with Cosmic Gate, Tom Fall plus a world-class cast of vocal talent.



Khomha’s productions transcend the traditional dance music divisions and have been taken to another level including his track “Hydra’’ making it to the big screen as his first soundtrack of Hollywood’s movie “Wild Card’’ in 2015 and also releasing his latest EP called “’El Malo’”. The young Colombian has been turning awe-inspiring Armin van Buuren originals (e.g. ‘Hystereo’, ‘The Expedition’) into monstrous stormers since the start of 2013, reeling in the support and frantically held breaths of an extensive selection of renowned DJs alongside ever-increasing numbers of clued-up clubbers. With thrilling dancefloor-destroyers such as ‘Asylum’, ‘The Dark Knight’, and ‘Dusk Riddles’ raging over the festival grounds of Tomorrowland, Ultra, Global Gathering, A State Of Trance, and many more, the high-octane sounds of KhoMha are the ones of an EDM star in the making. It’s Colombian captivation at its finest.



Willem de Roo, the 24-year-old DJ and producer from Armada Music, was born in the small village near the city of Groningen, but his passion for music rapidly made him known and praised all over the world. Willem de Roo is the true example of how a boy’s dream of being a part of something bigger comes true. After working hard for his goals, his talent is being recognized by Armin van Buuren, who supports his tracks heavily. In contrast with his huge potential and music ambitions, Willem puts across a humble personality, talking with modestly reserved but unmistakable passion about his career, leaving the stage for the music itself to tell the story. His style, mostly described as trance mixed with a slice of big room, is all about energetic and euphoric melodies, arousing that hands-up feeling.



ZOUK KL: 436, Jalan Tun Razak, KL: Pre-sale tickets: RM65 / RM75. * Pre-sale tickets available at Zouk KL HQ office weekdays 10am-7pm; Zouk KL front entry counters 10pm onwards, cash terms only, while they last.Table packages/ RSVP: 03-2110 3888/ 012-509 3215/

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