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Unique Japanese Buffet in Kuala Lumpur at Still Waters Hotel Maya

Unique Japanese Buffet in Kuala Lumpur at Still Waters Hotel Maya

We were recently invited to the launch of Still Water’s Japanese Buffet Galore at Hotel Maya in downtown KL. This hotel is very near the Golden Triangle and just down the road from KLCC. Still Waters is one of several dining and lounge areas within the hotel. Specifically, Still Waters serves Chinese and Japanese themed food.

Their Japanese Buffet Galore has been available from December 1st onwards and you can drop by. It will be served between 12pm -3pm every Saturday so that you can take your time and dine leisurely.

This buffet is unique in that all the available food is split into two types. There are items laid out on counters around the restaurant ready for the taking, and items you have to order from a menu. The number of orders you can make are limitless, and you’ll be given an order chit to mark your orders down. The order chits are available at every table, but you’ll have to request for more chits if you want to order a second, third or further rounds.

The menu here is an extensive collection of Japanese and fusion dishes. There’s plenty of sushi made with different seafood, including gunkan sushi, maki (rolled sushi), temaki (cone shaped rolls) and sashimi. There’s also an extensive array of grilled items like grilled saba mackerel, squid teriyaki, gindara batayaki and mussel mentaiko. Those looking for some carbo based items can order the garlic fried rice, tekka don, salmon don and ramen with miso soup. All in all, there are 68 items on the menu which you can try.

We were really impressed by the freshness of all the seafood on offer, especially the sashimi. Apart from the salmon, there’s butter fish, tuna and snapper. Apparently, the butter fish is the best selling sashimi here and we could see why. The flesh of this fish is firm and translucent, and its pure flavor is evident with each bite. Every serving of sashimi is presented in such an aesthetically appealing way, on a bed of ice.

 In addition to the menu, there are also several counters filled with entrees like salads, sandwiches and dim sum. We love the fact that there are these little tidbits to munch on while waiting for your ordered items to arrive. The salad is mainly Japanese in origin and includes things like wakame, edamame and tiny red tako.

Best of all, there’s a full dessert section complete with an ice cream bar. Diners get to choose their own flavours and toppings. Additionally, there’s also an ABC machine where you can grind ice cubes and choose interesting toppings like peanuts. Other items at the dessert section include matcha roll cakes, sata andagi ( Okinawan doughnuts), puddings and fruit konnyaku jelly.

Japanese food is a feast of the eyes, as much as it is a feast for the stomach. At Still Waters, the Japanese Buffet Galore is a mere RM68 nett for adults and RM40 for kids aged 5 to 12 years old. You’ll get more that your money’s worth, especially if you love fresh, naturally flavorful seafood and a chance to dine in a classy and elegant setting.

  • Still Water at Hotel Maya
  • 138, Jalan Ampang, Kampung Baru, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • +60 3 2711 8866
  • Opening hours: Monday - Friday Lunch : 12.00 noon to 2.30 pm. Saturday Lunch & Hi-tea : 12 noon to 3PM, Dinner : 6:00PM to 10:30PM. Closed on Sundays

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