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Non profit streaming initiative United We Stream Continues with Malaysia Broadcasts

Non profit streaming initiative United We Stream Continues with Malaysia Broadcasts

Non profit streaming initiative United We Stream finally reached Malaysia with last night's broadcasts opening its virtual doors featuring DJ sets by Alam, Meliha, Otherkind, Victor G from Iron Fairies KL leading off a group of venues in Malaysia latching on to this fundraising effort.

United We Stream Asia is a partnership between ClubbingTV, ARTE Concert, Clubcommission Berlin, Homeaway Agency and Mixmag Asia, and has committed to uniting the music community’s efforts for recovery from the current global health crisis.

They are currently hosting a streaming platform of Asia’s clubs, event organizers and artists several days a week. On one channel, they are able to take you on a journey through different countries, cities and cultures and showcase the entire range and diversity of this club culture scene has to offer.



Their aim is to raise awareness of the current situation and to not only unify Asia’s club culture but the world, building a community to support each other and giving a platform to showcase local talents to the rest of the world. During these streams, supporters can donate a variable amount to Asia’s clubs via a crowdfunding platform to support bars, clubs, bars, venues, performers, freelancers and cultural organisations in need across Asia.

United We Stream is a non-profit streaming initiative started by Berlin clubs with the goal to raise funds for charity and to support music venues and individuals affected by Covid-19 related closures. Having quickly expanded as far as the UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Austria and beyond, they now also band together multiple countries and cities across Asia, launching the biggest club online on the continent.



All income from these streams goes to a rescue fund to support clubs in difficulty, with 10% of the funds going to a separate Charity Fund within all participating countries of the region. For the distribution of these funds, the Clubcommission Berlin and UWS Asia has developed a catalogue of criteria and has appointed an independent jury.

Malaysia official coordinator Sid aka Cheng Ho (assisted by team members from Metropolis Social Club - Ivan Sibiriakoff & Rey Yong) also added that their other main objective is to feature as much as possible the local artists from various collectives, aside from proposing the initiatives of the campaign to venues impacted by the pandemic.

Local Malaysian artists need exposures and global recognition, hence UWS Asia will be an opportunity for them,” he said.

Cheng added also that more broadcasts from venues Pisco Bar, Concubine, Joloko, Rentak Bar and FONO KL will be forthcoming.

United We Stream Asia @ Malaysia broadcasts continue this Sunday with music from Jiro KL featuring Nazreth (VoidRealm), Eddix (VoidRealm), Hulkas (Attic.TV), Dora (Beatmilitia) and Odd (Pure Substance).

You can join the movement and support Asia’s club culture by making a contribution: or if you're looking for more information visit and

Live streams available at

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