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Victor Trixter- Melting The Fine Line Between Fitness And Djing

Victor Trixter- Melting The Fine Line Between Fitness And Djing

Nightlife Interview

Victor Trixter is one of Malaysia's most in demand house music Djs . Having started his career 12 years ago, Victor is an advocate of going beyond limits and preconceived notions that connect the music world with the mere mortals .

What started up as a passion with a day job ongoing, turned into a passion victory in the end. Quitting his day job to pursue Djing full time was a huge step for him and a victory in its own right as in no time he was becoming Malaysia's freshest sensation and his exciting learning curve as well as his Djs sets were delivering .

If we were to ask Trixter if the fact that he was rising whilst Kuala Lumpur nightlife was seeing a massive resurgence of the electronic music he would tell us that we make our own luck. The blend with the fitness industry has happened way later and it came as naturally as you would think.

Dj Victor Trixter

Having always been an active person , Victor's routine as a professional DJ always included keeping fit, in good health and avoiding any excesses . His other passions including traveling the world and doing a full on Europe tour on a motorbike Djing in every city he would stop – another passion of his- were soon to prepare him to put his ideas in practice. 

Having joined F 45 Training - a chain of gyms that focuses on High Intensity Interval Training has gotten him pursuing two of his passions at the same time – at first Djing for some of the classes and secondly- training hard and keeping fit. The amount of energy and stamina one needs to conquer Europe on a bike does require both physical and mental training as well as efficiency so the F 45 experience paired with his Djing was as suitable as a hand in a glove.

Dj Victor Trixter

The common element of fitness and Djing is revolving around pushing limits and make the most out of one's skill set. The other elements as hard work and dedication are equally important and a clear indication that dreams do come true. The controversial opinions about the Djing lifestyle- arguably involving a lot of alcohol, sleepless nights, touring depression, loneliness, sleepless nights and a lack of life balance have been shattered in Victor's mind and his take on the music industry and how he pursues it are a relief for both experienced and new music entertainers. The family support has played an important role in his career , and we are fair to say that balance is at the epicenter of Victor's pursuit of happiness.

As a man of action , Victor Trixter is still planning the European tour on his beloved bike and with overwhelming support from his music industry fellows and also his family, we have no doubt he will be the first to take this bold step and conquer Europe on a bike. We will be delighted and proud to follow his journey and we hope that he will make the headlines wherever he goes.


Written by Daniela Horeanga who is Managing Director of Art Xtreme Media and produces the weekly Sweatbox after party and bi-monthly Taboo parties at Elysium Bar + Terrace in the heart of Kuala Lumpur!


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