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Wake Me Up Cafe Review

Wake Me Up Cafe Review

Review Wake Me Up is a neighbourhood café that’s peaceful and simple. You walk into a café that has a very family friendly vibe and home-made feel. There’s really nothing fancy or pretentious in their menu or decorations. This place is mainly set up to cater to the residents in the surrounding neighbourhood since it’s located away from the main busy SS2 commercial square where parking is a headache.

Inside view : Wake Me Up Cafe, PJ SS2| Kuala Lumpur Best Restaurant Review 2018

Here you won’t have to worry as it’s tucked into a cosy shoplot within one of SS2’s housing areas. Every time I’ve gone there, parking has been a breeze to find, even at peak lunch and dinner hours. The café itself is hardly ever crowded and you’ll always be able to find a seat. They’re open for breakfast, lunch and dinner starting from 8.30am to 10.30pm.

Veggie Quiche : Wake Me Up Cafe, PJ SS2| Kuala Lumpur Best Restaurant Review 2018

So their menu is pretty eclectic. If you turn to the back, you’ll find that they have some pretty special rice-based dishes on different days. Many of them are Peranakan inspired, such as the Pong The chicken with rice and Nyonya Chili Fish with Longbean rice. I visited them on a Sunday night, so I managed to catch their Nasi Lemak with curry chicken.

Nasi Lemak + curry Chicken : Wake Me Up Cafe, PJ SS2| Kuala Lumpur Best Restaurant Review 2018

The rice was soft and fluffy, served with boiled egg, peanuts, sambal, anchovies and of course the curry chicken. I enjoyed the curry chicken as the sauce wasn’t too spicy. Just right and the flavour has soaked through the chicken meat, which was tender and juicy. There were also some pieces of potatoes that came with the curry sauce.

Another thing I love about this place is its all-day breakfast and brunch dishes. I had the Wake Me Up Breakfast set (although technically it was dinner time). Having breakfast food for dinner is the best. You should try it one day. I loved, loved, loved this set. It came with the juiciest piece of pork sausage I’ve had in a long while (plus it was quite big too). There was also a piece of pork bacon (the real McCoy, none of that beef bacon stuff), a piece of toast, butter, jam, sautéed mushrooms, some salad and two sunny side up eggs.

Breakfast : Wake Me Up Cafe, PJ SS2| Kuala Lumpur Best Restaurant Review 2018

It was satisfying, to say the least. Plus the breakfast plate came with a grilled banana. That’s something you don’t see on a breakfast platter every day. Additionally, we had a slice of vegetable quiche which was full of cheesy flavour, just a wee bit salty.

Mee Siam : Wake Me Up Cafe, PJ SS2| Kuala Lumpur Best Restaurant Review 2018

 Hubby came with me and had the Mee Siam. It was okay but lacked a bit of ‘oomph’. We’ve tried authentic Peranakan Mee Siam before in Melaka so this one was more like a fried noodle. Maybe we’re just very used to the way it’s served in Melaka, with copious amounts of tamarind broth.

I was eyeing the desserts in the glass chiller, but alas my tummy was too stuffed with all the food we ordered. If you’re there at tea time, you’ll want to consider their Tiramisu or chocolate cake. I hear their barista makes a real mean cup of Cappucino too!

Wake Me Up Cafe

117, Jalan SS2/6 47300 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Phone: +60 12-229 1190

Opening Hours:  Friday through Wednesday day 08:30 - 22:30 : Thursday Closed.

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