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We Review: Halo Doughnut: Heavenly Doughnuts In PJ!

We Review: Halo Doughnut: Heavenly Doughnuts In PJ!

Former TV producer and advertising agency executive Khris took her sourdough doughnut-making hobby to a new level during COVID and ended up starting a business. 

Halo Doughnut was born from her friends and family falling in love with the flavours she created at home, so she stepped it up and moved to a cloud kitchen, Cookhouse, in May 2020. Her doughnuts proved to be a hit with the online community and led to the opening of her first brick-and-mortar shop in her home area of PJ. 


We Review: Halo Doughnut: Heavenly Doughnuts In PJ! - Shopfront


Visitors are greeted by an inviting and cosy atmosphere, with the decor a perfect blend of modern and rustic elements, creating a welcoming space for patrons with a couple of tables outside.


We Review: Halo Doughnut: Heavenly Doughnuts In PJ! - Handcrafted


With over 80 flavours in its repertoire, Halo switches up the menu every month and combines savoury and sweet flavours in a truly innovative way. The skilled bakers transform the humble doughnut into a canvas of flavours and textures.



Among the standout offerings at Halo are its signature creations. The "Halo Heaven" features a fluffy doughnut adorned with a rich chocolate glaze and a sprinkle of edible gold dust. For those seeking a fruity delight, the "Berry Bliss" showcases a perfect harmony of fresh berries atop a light and fluffy doughnut, creating a burst of flavours in every mouthful.


We Review: Halo Doughnut: Heavenly Doughnuts In PJ! - Box of 4


The salted butter-glazed doughnut, burnt & salty, is the most popular item on her menu. Still, with a wide variety of bespoke flavours available, there is something for everyone's taste buds. Despite being a dessert food, the balance between savoury and sweet is a fine line for Khris, and she prefers to have a slightly salty flavour rather than overly sugary. 

The toasted cheese doughnut when available is served with tomato soup, invoking childhood memories of after-school snacks, but is not the only nod to everyday foods as they have also produced a Roti Canai version. 


We Review: Halo Doughnut: Heavenly Doughnuts In PJ! - Open Sesame


The menu features 12 different doughnuts, 4 permanent flavours, 4 rotating staples and 4 special flavours of the month. The permanent staples are Baby Cinnamon Affairs, Burnt & Salty, Lemon Pop and Pilloughs with a changing jam-filling rotation. The rotating flavours include Boston Creme, Miso Caramel and Sugar Baby. 
This month, they introduced mandarin orange marmalade-filled Prosperity pillows to celebrate Chinese New Year and offer a mixed box called the Box of Abundance for those wanting to indulge in more than one flavour over the holiday season. 


We Review: Halo Doughnut: Heavenly Doughnuts In PJ! - Cinnaman affair


At Halo, the light, fluffy texture of the sourdough doughnuts combine amazingly with the flavours, and they are perfectly fried and non-greasy. We tasted the Lemon Pop (see our video review above) and lives up to its name as the flavour pops out. We loved the light and airy Burnt & Salty and this month's highlight, the Prosperity Pilloughs. 

Halo is more than just a place to satisfy your sweet cravings; it's an experience that tantalises the senses and celebrates the art of passionate doughnut making. With its inviting ambience and innovative flavours, the cafe has successfully carved a niche in the hearts of locals and visitors alike. 

Open from 10.30 am until 6.30 pm daily, Halo, situated at Lot 15 -3B, The Gasket Alley, in Petaling Jaya, promises a journey into the divine world of doughnut indulgence.


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