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? Wednesday at Iron Fairies KL 15 May 2019

? Wednesday at Iron Fairies KL 15 May 2019

The “new” Wednesday night routine ? set every Wednesday at The Iron Fairies KL – Butterfly Room, it’s designed for music lovers, DJs, musicians, promoters, nightlife people, artistes, aspiring music folks, ladies – who get free drinks all night, night owls and everyone who wants a quality night out every Wednesday. Brought to you by Biscuit of Art Xtreme Media and the Iron Fairies KL team, this week, it’s time for Kuma, Meliha and Hong (Hulkas/Mr Backsounds).


Continuing his 20 year as a DJ celebration, Kuma is back with his signature underground techno and techno based sounds. Kuma’s earned himself something of a name in the Asian underground house music community, taking the music to dance floors across Asia, including the likes of Embassy (Philippines), Sound Club (Thailand), Womb (Tokyo), and festivals such as the Full Moon party on the beach of Haadrin in Koh Pangan (Thailand), Epizode (Vietnam), regular Jungle Experience (Koh Phangan) appearances to add to appearances in Singapore, Macao, Yangon, Berlin, Paris, Corsica, Amsterdam, Ibiza and many more.

Also dabbling into techno productions, his first two releases last year, Kamagra and the Acid Flux EP created waves, and with regular radio show appearances on Frisky Radio and Ibiza Radio 1, plus a couple of EPs finalised, including his most recent release Saigon Express, released on Baroque records imprint Dlimited records, there’s much more to come in the very near future.



Meliha's infectious eerie and melancholic approach to music is paving the way to an accomplished multi-tasking music career. A singer, guitar player, DJ and producer all in one, Meliha's style is distinctive, refined yet fresh and surprising. Her recent productions , released on Soul de Anima, Sweatbox Records and the mighty Anjunadeep reminisce of times of reflection, carefree moments and beautiful memories. The accent she puts on the melodic , deeper side of the music spectrum can be felt and heard in her sets and the depth of her music is not only genre-wise but also it displays a vast music knowledge and an impeccable taste.



Hong (aka MrBacksounds), together with Tutu (Stutu) are Hulkas. MrBacksound’s first break came at Urbanscapes , KLPAC in 2009. He then tore down more dance floors at TAG@Barsonic, Zouk, The Annex, Muse, GT Rave@Sepang, Bakita and Casbah-Mandarin Oriental. Stutu, on the other hand, preferred more intimate venues to hone his skills and has since DJ at countless home and private parties.  When the time came to share their music to a bigger crowd, they humorously named their group The Hulkas, as a representation of their Hakka origins. Never confined by boundaries, The Hulkas found more interest in Deep House, Techno, Tech House and Progressive With Backsound’s uplifting beats and Stutu’s eclectic choice of tracks, they have created a unique brand of energetic and non-conforming electro music.

THE IRON FAIRIES: H-G-06, HIVES, TREC, 438, Jalan Tun Razak, KL: Free entry. Call 016-221 3612

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