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What You Call It - Bass ?! at Jiro KL 18 January 2020

What You Call It - Bass ?! at Jiro KL 18 January 2020

A brand new night 'What You Call It – Bass?!' encompassing a full range of bass music genres featuring a who’s who in the local bass scene – and featured guest – paying homage to (and in conjunction with) the successful UK based 'What you call it' events debuts at Jiro KL this coming weekend 18 January 2020.


The idea behind this new night comes from the days of the Freerange party nights in Oxford, according to KL-based Kayturi, who will be among those who will host this night here in KL.

There was a night called Freerange in Oxford, big night, they’d done it all around the country – Oxford, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, Brighton,” he explains.

Around the time that UK garage had been dead for a little while, they then started a night, a little underground night, a little side night – What You Call It?! Garage. It’s a kind of play of words, because it’s “what you call it? you’d forgotten about it.”





Along with other things that happened at the time, those nights went on to be part of a UK garage revival of sorts. “It kicked garage back into the kind of mainstream underground scene, if you like,” Kayturi says.

So when I was thinking of a name, I thought, there was nothing better than that because the idea behind this night is, people talk about bass music or drum’n’bass as a thing of the past. So it’ll be nice to do a night, like people constantly saying I’d go to a night if you’ve done one.  So I thought I’d do it, I’ll use that brand. It’s a test to see;  hopefully it will go well and we’ll do more.





This round this weekend will focus on drum’n’bass and bass house. Featured guest will be UK Bass House's rising star and headliner Hadean who produces nasty bass music and co-runner of In The Face Records, and has been a pretty pivotal part of Brighton, UK’s bass scene for a number of years now, being both a resident at the highly regarded ‘In The Face’ events, and a regular performer for the ‘24 Hour Garage Girls’ events.


A who's who of local drum’n’bass DJs wil also be in support on the night including DJ Lowhead honcho and founder of Loops Colective, and has been at the head of the drum'n'bass scene in Malaysia for at least the past 20 years or more. Kayturi aka Ken DMA who brings with him a wealth of experience entertaining dancefloors across Europe and Asia.Think drum’n’bass, jungle and breakbeat to bassline house, UK garage, jackin’ house and funk and soul, he's done it all. Lastly, Ken Dee a selector with a penchant for deep basslines and groovy drum breaks, he will get your shoulders moving while providing the right soundtrack for you, from hip hop to reggae, UK garage to housey beats.


With Jiro's Function One Sound System thumping with bass, expect it to rumble and guarantee to make your chest vibrate.

JIRO KL (EDM): 61-1, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, KL

For cover charge info and reservations call 03-2387 2085



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