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Wizards at Tribeca: The Magic Continues

Wizards at Tribeca: The Magic Continues

The MCO was a time of struggle for many of us.  But it was also a time of reflection, creativity and innovation.  This certainly was the case for Wizards at Tribeca, KL. 


Wizards at Tribeca: The Magic Continues : comfy atmosphere


They have come through the MCO with a number of creative additions to their menu, and their in-house dining is busier than ever.  And with good reason – the food and drinks are delicious.  Plus the atmosphere for dine-in is comfortable and airy, which is extra important these days.


Wizards at Tribeca: The Magic Continues: Bao - Braised Unagi & special vegetarian


During the MCO, Wizards introduced a variety of baos to their menu.  Presented in an open ‘taco style’, the bao are mini-meals in a bun.   While all the bao is interesting fusion mixes, Wizards offers some more ‘traditional’ flavours including Hosin Smoked Duck Breast Bao and Crispy Chicken Kam Hiong Bao.  But they also offer Unagi Bao,  Cajun Shrimp Salsa Bao and even a sweet Apom Balik Bao.  We were treated to the Braised Unagi & Foie Gras Bao and a special creation by the chef for this vegetarian writer – sautéed mushroom and crispy fried eggplant bao.  The bao is made in-house and is fresh and soft.  And the fillings are exciting and delicious.


Wizards at Tribeca: The Magic Continues: Korean Chicken Rice Bowl


Wizards offer a number of savoury mains including pastas, burgers and rice dishes.  We also enjoyed the Crispy Korean Chicken Rice Bowl.  It is a bit of a play on the traditional Korean bibimbap and it is really good! The chicken was served with an omelette egg and pickled cucumbers over Japanese rice.  It all tasted very fresh and was just the right combination of moist and rich, light and tangy.


Wizards at Tribeca: The Magic Continues: Garden of Oz Pizza


The highlight of our meal was the Garden of Oz Pizza.  A thin crust pizza topped with garlic, cream cheese, pinenuts, rocket and assorted mushrooms. It’s like garlic bread on overdrive! The cheese and garlic released the perfect amount of oil on the pizza. Together with all the other toppings, the pizza was just divine!


Wizards at Tribeca: The Magic Continues: Coffee


You can’t talk about Wizards without mentioning their coffee and drinks.  They have won a number of barista awards, so if coffee is your thing, you must enjoy a cuppa at Wizards.  Even the simple hot white is smooth, rich and delicious.  The list and variety of coffees, chocolates, wine, cocktails are long and worth indulging in. 


Wizards at Tribeca: The Magic Continues: Kombucha


They also brew their own kombucha behind the bar.  And it is good!  We were treated to the Fresh Rose Kombucha, which nicely balanced the zingy fermentation and sweet rose flavour.  Very refreshing.


Wizards at Tribeca: The Magic Continues: Mango Pavlova


We finished the meal with a sweet treat – the Kaffir Lime Mango Pavlova.  The lime and mango bring a nice touch of sour, making the dessert a sweet-sour delight.


Wizards at Tribeca is open from 10 am – 10 pm,  and their menu offers treats for brunch, lunch and dinner. There is always room for walk-ins, but given the popularity of Wizards, we would recommend booking a table in advance if you can.  While they offer a few vegetarian dishes on the menu, you can talk to your waiter and the chef will do his best to accommodate your needs.  Finally, the menu also offers a lot of easy take-away meals if you prefer to eat at home.  A bit of delicious magic for everyone!


Wizards at Tribeca

Ground Floor, Residensi Tribeca, Jalan Imbi Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

Phone: +60 3-2715 5308


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