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YUNA, set for homecoming Kuala Lumpur YUNAVERSE concert in October

YUNA, set for homecoming Kuala Lumpur YUNAVERSE concert in October

It might have been a long while for Malaysian fans to see their beloved international singer-songwriter, YUNA, LIVE on home soil, but she is coming home, in the flesh, all high energy vocals and raring to go.

The Los Angeles based hit singer, YUNA rewrites her most hit story yet with `YUNAVERSE’ a homecoming LIVE IN CONCERT at the Mega Star Arena, Kuala Lumpur, at 8.30pm on October 22nd 2023 in collaboration with LOL ASIA, MSC and NASTY INC.



Born Yunalis binti Mat Zara'ai, known professionally as Yuna, in Kedah, Malaysia, the `Crush’ singer- songwriter’s musical career has been nothing short of mega success and hard-earned glory. Her acclaimed chart-topping discography consists of four international studio albums, three Malaysian albums, six EPs, 32 international single releases and 43 music videos.

Headlining her home-coming solo concert YUNAVERSE in Malaysia after almost a decade of making music internationally, fans can expect Yuna’s best body of music - a repertoire of her hit international singles and collab `Hello,’ `I’ve Been Waiting for You,’` `Pantone 17 13 30,’ `Risk It All,’ `Can’t Get Over You,’ (Y5/2022), along with recent Malay singles, `Menanti,’ `Masih Sunyi,’ `Asing,’ `Camaraderie’ (Masih Yuna/2023), `Used To Love You,’ `Crush,’ `Mannequin,’ (Chapters/2016), `Blank Marquee,’ `Forevermore,’ (Rouge/2019), `Falling,’ `Rescue (Nocturnal/2013), `Lullabies,’ `Decorate,’ `Live Your Life,’ (Yuna/2012) and so on. In short, a showcase of Yuna’s eclectic musical journey for fans old and new in Malaysia.



It's been a few years since I've had my own headline show in Malaysia. It's taken a while and I can't believe it's finally happening. I will be performing at Megastar Arena, Sungei Wang, which is very special to me because Sungei Wang was a huge part of my childhood, and in my teenage years, it was where I would buy music and music instruments. I also have been releasing new music since I last saw my Malaysian fans, so I'm excited to go back to Kuala Lumpur and play them all together with my other songs. I can't wait for the fans to experience 'Yunaverse,' a show that I have put together, uniquely for the Malaysia fans. I hope they will enjoy the show!", states Yuna.

Yunaverse will also feature Ai.Z, the alias established by Aizat Amdan and Yuna for their English collaboration. Aizat Amdan’s debut English single is co-written with Yuna and distributed by her Indie record label, YRR music. Yunaverse is the much-anticipated show this 2023 in Malaysia.

Subscribed Yunationals will receive an email and be able to get their Pre-Sale Tickets LIVE on August 7th at tickets go LIVE on August 8th.

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