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Substance pres Anastasia Kristensen (Culture Box | Nous Disques)

Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur
Phone: +6012-9211730
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Substance is proud to present Anastasia Kristensen (Culture Box | Nous Disques | Mord) debut show!

Anastasia Kristensen is an uncompromising force of nature who brings a whirlwind of emboldened intensity that can be felt equally through her productions and DJ sets; be it stunning releases or explosive podcasts for Resident Advisor, FACT Magazine and Mixmag to name a few. As well as being a regular DJ at her home venue Culture Box and queer party Mainstream, Anastasia continues to make an impression across the globe, reaching the heights of Berlin Atonal, Unsound, Dimensions and Exit festivals, two successful and extensive North American tours, all while holding down a packed DJ schedule across Europe among clubs like fabric London, Säule Berghain, Bassiani and beyond.

Always the adventurer and never staying in one lane, the Copenhagen-via-Moscow artist has relentlessly worked her craft over the recent years, finding inspiration far and wide, including from her enthusiasm for ballet and effusively digging for often little-known records and obscurer bangers to satisfy her curiosity. With the release of "Spring Ballade" on Nous Disques and previous work with BLD and Mord, as well as her standout set for Boiler Room’s sixth birthday in Berlin, Kristensen continues to carve out her path and showcase her unique perspective on dance music and talent as an artist. It begins with her DJ sets, where with tone as the foundation, she’s weaving a web that incorporates barrelling breaks, blistering techno and buoyant electro in scintillating fashion, inviting listeners to be curious and excited about which strand she'll take with each selection and mix.

Now in 2018, through her prolific touring schedule and forthcoming releases, Anastasia is taking even bigger steps and leaps farther into the sonic spectrum of underground music.
Let the Chinese New Year vibes roars with Substance!

Line Up:
Godwin P
Anastasia Kristensen - 3 hour set

Admission (Includes 1st Drink):
RM50 before 1am / RM60 after 1am

Date & Time
8th Feb 23:00
(Includes 1st Drink): RM50 before 1am / RM60 after 1am

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