Barat Mediterranean

17 Jalan Kurau Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: +60 10-288 2654
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Launched in 2016, Barat Mediterranean Vegetarian Restaurant in Bangsar is a place to come, chill, relax, have a great conversation and delight your palette. A vegetarian adventure into Mediterranean cuisine fused with local herbs.

Founded by Chef Lingesh, his mission is to put together a plate that takes you places, be it a Mediterranean land, or home Sweet home. With Barat he wants bring people together through real food whilst showing how a world-class meal need not be comprised of imported ingredients, the rarest spice, or even meat. Their menu is mainly built around local produce farmed responsibly by local farmers to create fair trade, to earn better, to cut out the middleman, enabling us to get fresher produce at a reasonable price.

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