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Bowery Petit

48 Persiaran Zaaba Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: +60 3-7710 0295
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Bowery Petit, a new gourmet and retail concept by The Bowery Group, delivers hearty favourites with a ‘slow food fast’ sensibility.

Bowery Petit roared onto the KL dining scene late 2015 with family-friendly service, an excellent coffee and craft beer list and a great deal of gourmet American comfort foods where an open kitchen provides an over-the-counter connection with guests.

This is where you see the subtlety of making familiar comfort foods with superior ingredients and a little imagination.

The pizza bar excels in the quintessential 22″ New York slice, with its pliant yet cracker-thin undercarriage, slightly sweet house sauce and a blanket of drippy, signature fresh cheese blend – big rounds of pepperoni and other delectable toppings are the metaphorical cherry on top.

The gourmet deli takes delectable classics like bagels, mac & cheese, sticky BBQ beef ribs and much more and presents them in a beautiful setting that evokes The Bowery Group’s New York City heritage. 

No visit to Bowery Petit is complete though without indulging in something sweet to eat in or take home. Such is the power of the sweet flavours and textures at the patisserie & bakery bar, that a perfectly braided chocolate babka, an honest-to-goodness stuffed beignet or a sinful slice of bourbon pecan pie aren’t just desserts, they’re tickets back to the sweetest, stickiest days of your childhood. Even the frozen custard display churns out ever-changing, off-the-wall flavours that will please both inner and actual kids alike.

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