Zouk Club KL

436, Jalan Tun Razak
Phone: +60 3-2110 3888
Email: info@zoukclub.com.my
Website: http://www.zoukclub.com.my/
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A symbol of leadership in clubland Asia, the RM38-million Zouk KL is the most lavish nightspot to be developed in Malaysia. Ranked #26 club in the world by DJ Mag’s Top 100 Clubs global poll, its reincarnation symbolises the rise of the superclub that is set to usher yet another game-changing era in the region. 

A bold architectural statement with influences of extraordinary design that underlines the legacy of a global club brand. With its distinctive straight-line edges defining its shiny veneer, the magnificent structure stands grandiosely as the metropolis of Zouk KL – one that is set against the backdrop of the prestigious Royal Selangor Golf Club.

The quintessential playground for music luminaries in Asia and around the world, the award-winning Zouk KL displays its innovative spirit with its unparalleled entertainment. The euphoric dance floor is a reflection of its playlist that is as progressive as today’s staple of electronic dance music. Within its majestic confines are 11 venues – Zouk Main Room; Zouk Cafe Bar; Beer Garden; Phuture; Velvet Underground; Apex Lounge; Ace; Members’ Lounge; Imperial; Glass Box; and Balcony Deck. 

Embracing a unique dynamism, each space expresses the hallmark of modern contemporary design, visual arts and technology, preserving the Zouk brand. Zouk KL’s founder, Cher Ng, says: “We have designed a cool, massive venue to provide an experiential, memorable outing for local and foreign visitors. It’s bold. One-of-a-kind, and with a wow factor. ”

Let the journey begin.



1) Zouk Cafe Bar - Open Daily
Zouk Cafe Bar floats above the water pond beneath it. The Cafe is visible from a distance as the plush sofas are illuminated with soft sepia lights. It features a kitchen with a service bar offering local and western cuisines. Oh yes, you’ll find Zouk’s iconic hotdog stand here, too. 

2) Beer Garden - Open Daily
A popular Happy Hour hotspot for the after-5 crowd from nearby offices. Adjoined to the Zouk Cafe Bar, this is an alfresco space to hang out or have a sumptuous meal before the party. 

3) Zouk Main Room – Open from Tue to Wed, Fri to Sat
Music: EDM, Trance, Techno, Electro,Trap
This is the heart of Zouk KL and home to the cool club kids. Its the biggest room in the venue and is the soundscape of the superclub. It has over a million LED bulbs and features a custom-built moving truss for the lighting above the dance floor, adding to the electrifying atmosphere. This is where you will find the platform for the world’s international DJs.

4) ACE – Open from Fri to Sat
Music: Deep House / Techno / Underground 
The Urban Hip-Hop Bar is a room for the very expressive younger set with a penchant for hip-grinding urban rhythms of crisp hi-hats and banging snares. 

5) Phuture – Open from Fri to Sat 
Music: EDM, Open Format, Mash-up
The residence for the fun-loving, trendy and cosmopolitan crowd who transform the dance floor into a rhythm nation. This specially designed room, with contemporary space-like sculptures, gives the entire room a futuristic avant-garde look. 

6) Velvet Underground – Open Wed to Mon
Music: Open Format, Commercial House 
Alluring and seductive is what encapsulates Velvet Underground. It is here the beautiful, fashion-conscious crowd call home. The consoles face is composed of rods arranged in a three-dimensional tartan pattern, in three different metal tones with a rich fabric drape as a backdrop for a luxurious effect.

7) Members’ Lounge – Open from Fri to Sat
Music: EDM, Open Format
Located between Velvet Underground and Phuture is the Members’ Lounge. This intimate space is a symmetrical room focused on the service bar. Watch people glide [literally] into the Members’ Lounge via a fantastic slide that comes down from Imperial above it.

8) Apex Lounge - Open from Thu to Sat
Music: House, Nu Disco, Indie, Classics
The breeding ground for the free spirited and creative hounds, from advertising, arts to music and design communities. An alternative bar-lounge, it is the proud host to a diverse musical fare, leading to its individualistic personality. You can find a delicious fresh fusion of food from our Sushi Bar.

9) Imperial – Open from Fri to Sat
Music: Urban
KL's most exclusive VIP nightspot is a decadent playground conceptualised for Kuala Lumpur's growing elite. Imperial pushes the boundaries of clubbing and hospitality, offering a VIP concierge service, personal table hosts, private security and array of experiences to suit every occasion.

10) Balcony Deck – Open from Fri to Sat
The Balcony Deck is Zouk KL’s hidden first floor oasis. Set in the open air with a beautiful view of the nearby RSGC Golf Club, The Balcony Deck has a natural ID featuring grass, plant life and minimal-design furniture. The concept involves removing oneself from the urban, concrete reality of Kuala Lumpur and TREC and escaping to an alternate reality, one filled with plant life, nature and décor and designs that flow as opposed to the sharp edges of Zouk’s exterior. The natural, green feel will be something out of the ordinary for clubbers and will come as a welcome addition to Kuala Lumpur’s vibrant nightlife.

11) Glass Box – 
If you’d like some privacy for you and your guests, this room adapts suitably for private events, private dining, and atmospheric party-centric bashes for up to 30 people.

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