Elysium Box Presents: Taboo 09

No. 31, Jalan Mesui, Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: +60320223818
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After a Taboo 08 brimming with energy and good fun, here we are returning this week in nearly in the same format plus a massive surprise! A Secret Guest DJ to add up to the intriguing and tantalising Friday expereince that is Taboo. We assure you that he is going to challenge you to free your wild party spirit and dream free on our tiny little dancefloor as well as evade reality into a dimension of extremely sweet music !

Ken DMA and his bass house/liquid drum and bass and No Requests (Toolroom, Zulu, UK)- Bass, leftfield house and basslines are about to share the decks with a very special guest. This special guest happens to celebrate 28 years in the music industry this October. He is a house head at heart- the classic soulful type that defined house music in the UK a couple of decades ago and his refined taste behind the console has purported him within the realm of music and artists management, music direction and also he forged multiple and collaborations with nearly all the industry heavyweights of house music- From Chris Coco to David Morales to Danny Rampling to Louie Vega. He also produced and featured on numerous house music compilations and graced the decks of some of the most iconic clubs and sunset spots in the world: from Cafe del Mar in Ibiza and all the way to our shores here in Kuala Lumpur.

We won't reveal any more info as otherwise you will guess who he is and we'd spoil the surprise. However, you can catch him in the Box this Friday , making an apparance from his posh and groovy sky music crib where he resides and provides the music direction , onto our sky crib of intense music pleasures and tantalising the limits of our party goers with our crossing-boundaries Taboo- your Friday night of beyond limits music.See you all on the dancefloor! <3

Cover Charge 30 RM before 3 AM, 40 RM after 3 AM
RSVP & Reservations: +60320223818
11 PM till the first beam

***Art Xtreme Media and Elysium KL advise you to make a reservation at the number listed above as the place often reaches full capacity and in order for yourselves to gain access to the event. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation x

#shhh #taboo #fridayistabo

Date & Time
13th Oct 23:00
30 RM before 3 AM, 40 RM after 3 AM

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