北京人 Peking Man 舞台剧 x 木卡空间 MUKA Space

Sentul Park, Jalan Strachan, 51100 Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: +603-40479000
Email: zeenee@klpac.org
Website: https://www.ticketpro.com.my/theatre/2205127-klpac-Peking-Man.html
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#爱不敢爱 #恨不敢恨 #哭不敢哭 #喊不敢喊

Official Ticket Launch | 开票日期
10 October 2017

Performance Dates & Times | 演出日期和时间
Thu, 14 Dec 2017 @ 8.30pm (selling fast)
Fri, 15 Dec 2017 @ 8.30pm (selling fast)
Sat, 16 Dec 2017 @ 3pm
Sat, 16 Dec 2017 @ 8.30pm
Sun, 17 Dec 2017 @ 3pm
Sun, 17 Dec 2017 @ 8.30pm

Performance Venue | 演出地点
Pentas 2, The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac)

Performance in Mandarin with English & Mandarin surtitles

Ticket Price | 票价
RM 88
RM 78 (TAS Card member, Seniors Citizen, Disabled & Students only)

Promotion | 团购优惠
RM 330: Group of 4 tickets
Buy 10 and Get 1 Free

Online Ticketing | 网上购票
Walk in or Call klpac Box Office 03-4047 9000

The Actors Studio Seni Teater Rakyat 艺人馆全民剧场 & MUKA SPACE 木卡空间
Celebration of 110th anniversary of Chinese Drama

Featuring (in alphabetical order)
陈美君 MayJune Tan (ntv7 Star Idol Malaysia Champion)
吕俊霖 Grace Looi (Best Newcomer, ADA Drama Award)
狄妃 Ruby Yap (Best Actress, ADA Drama Award)
温慧茵 Vivienne Onn (Best Newcomer, SHORT+SWEET)
陈立扬 Tan Li Yang (Best Newcomer, ADA Drama Award)

Peking Man 《北京人》创作团队 Production Team
Executive Producer 监制: Dato' Faridah Merican
Artistic Director 艺术总监: Joe Hasham OAM
Producer 制作人: Easee Gan 颜永祯
Director 导演: Dr. Deric Gan 颜永祺博士
Adapted by 改编: Dr. Deric Gan 颜永祺博士
Original Author 原著: Cao Yu 曹禺
Director's Assistant 导演助理: Winston Liew 刘可成
Stage Manager 舞台监督: Jiacy Chuah 蔡佳杏
Lighting Designer & Operator 灯光设计与执行: Amelia Tan 爱美丽亚
Original Music 原创音乐: Lee Yueh Yi 李月依
Sound Designer & Operator 音效设计与执行: Lee Yueh Yi 李月依
Costume and Image Designer 服装和造型设计: Quito Neng 甯振洋
Hairdo & Make-Up Artist 妆发设计: ST Make-Up Academy
Set Designer 舞台设计: Dr. Deric Gan 颜永祺博士
Set Builder 舞台制作: David Wong 王泰伟
Subtitle Operator 字幕执行: Winston Liew 刘可成
Subtitle Translator 字幕翻译: Ryan Voon 温浩宇
Graphic Designer 平面设计: Joel Wong 黄豪明
Multimedia Designer 多媒体设计: Sharifah Masathira @ Sha 林可爱 & Coebar Rezza
Photographer 平面摄影师: Dev Lee Photography
Head of Marketing & Comminications 市场宣传主任: Ang Yue May 洪悦媚
Publicists 宣传: Angel Lai 赖秋羽 & Sukhbir Singh
Theatre Management & Front-of-House Executive 剧场与前台执行: Melissa Lim 林淑慧
Production Manager 制作经理: Soo Choy Wah 苏才桦
Assistant Production Manager 制作助理: Olivia Saw 苏嘉敏
Assistant Production Manager 制作助理 & Assistant Stage Manager 助理舞监: Benedict Chin 陈文胜

A man still dreaming about the past. A good-for-nothing son living off his father. A girl yearning to break free. The atmosphere in the Zeng household is stifling. The once wealthy family is on the brink of ruins. Its inhabitants trapped but by what or by whom?
After the sold out success of Thunderstorm comes another Cao Yu masterpiece. Beijing-based multi-award winning director Dr. Deric Gan will be making his annual pilgrimage home to direct Peking Man to commemorate the 110th anniversary of Chinese theatre. An apt tribute since Cao Yu is considered to be the founding father of modern Chinese theatre. With five award-winning productions under his belt, Deric’s adaptation of Peking Man headlined by an all-star team is sure to make waves.

“Peking Man” was considered the most satisfying work from Cao Yu. Written in 1940, it was also his final work, devoid of his signature Anton Chekhov inspired psychological realism. “Peking Man” describes the transformation of an old Chinese feudal family. It is a process that objectively presents the decline of a once-prominent scholar-official family into total collapse. Cao Yu emphasizes on interpreting the contradiction and conflicts among the three generations of grandchildren within the family. This is an elegant play that portrays the secrecy and inner thoughts of people in a poetic manner. The intense picture of the play is powerfully hinted through the old Soviet clock, the crumbling walls, the pigeons in the cage alone and the baby that died. With the progression of corruption and the underlying theme of change, “Peking Man” merges tragedy and comedy into one, making it a modern tragicomedy. While the playwright satirises, ridicules, and attacks human beings, he also exposes their own tragedy to sympathy and compassion.

《北京人》写于1940年,是曹禺先生倾心于契诃夫式心理现实主义戏剧后的转型之作,也是曹禺他自认为最满意的一部作品。《北京人》描写了一个旧中国封建大家庭如何从过去的”家运旺盛”的时代,逐步走向衰落直至最后彻底崩溃的过程。在这个封建家庭内部,曹禺着重刻画了祖孙三代人之间的矛盾冲突。这是一部风格淡雅,表现人物深层心理和隐秘情感的戏,弥漫着诗意现实主义的韵致。剧中密集的意象群充满着暗示的力量: 古老的苏钟、摇摇欲坠的土墙、单只的笼中的鸽子、夭折的婴儿…..在这种腐败的气息与衰落的大趋势中,潜伏着变革的躁动,《北京人》将悲剧因素和喜剧因素融合为一,是一部现代悲喜剧。作者在对人性抨击、讽刺和嘲笑的同时,也揭示了他们自身的悲剧性,予以深沉的同情与怜悯。

#pekingman #爱不敢爱 #恨不敢恨 #哭不敢哭 #喊不敢喊 #全民话剧

舞台剧《北京人》Peking Man supported by
ACX Productions
Crystal Inter Supply
Dominant Music Studio
Dev Lee Photography
LCCN Global
ST Make-up Academy
The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac)
Secret Fox Entertainment 狐儿娛樂
and you :)

Date & Time
14th Dec 20:30
RM 88 RM 78 (TAS Card member, Seniors Citizen, Disabled & Students only)

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