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SWAG - Every Saturday at Drop KL

The Terraces TREC Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: +60 3-2110 4343
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Hip hop. R&B. Funk.

Get your SWAG on with DJ Augie & Friends! 

Augustine Victor Navis, or DJ Augie, began his passion for DJing at the tender age of 17 and successfully kicked-off his career in 2000. DJ Augie prides himself on his unique sounds and has managed to shape his identity through the successful integration of several different styles of hip hop with western classics, while still managing to foster the in-depth soul of R&B. He has also been known to immerse himself into the likes of Funk, Soul and Breakbeats.

In addition to the various genre-blends, DJ Augie has successfully experimented with various languages in his sets, assuring that the quality, reach, and uniqueness of his sound is rich and enticing, giving his peers a run for their money! By emphasizing those styles and techniques, DJ Augie has successfully attracted the attention of topnotch DJs in the music industry which in turn has allowed him to foster a huge gathering of diverse followers.

As recent as 2013, DJ Augie won the accolade of Best DJ at the prestigious Malaysian Hip Hop Awards. The journey now continues as he advances into a new phase within the hip hop R&B arena while he continues to promote and spread the sounds of Soul, Funk, Breakbeats, R&B and hip hop within the region.

Date & Time
16th Jun 23:00
Free Entry

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