TaiJiTuaTeow 代誌大條 (The Big Murder Mystery or Not) comes to KL!

27 & 27A Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 7, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: +6018-202 8827
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The Big Murder Mystery…or Not.

Hokkien Drama with Mandarin & Malay Surtitles

A light-hearted look at how an unexpected discovery one cold and dark morning disrupts the ordinary routines of 3 accidental friends.

在这座城市里,每天都可以看到彼此熟悉的身影,他们过着周而复始的生活,轮回般的日常,几乎把人们生活的棱棱角角给磨光了。 Nancy,卖鱼明和Ah Boy在这座城市里,几乎每天都会遇到彼此,却没有什么交集,他们每天都对彼此说着同样的话。 直到有一天,他们同时看到了一样东西,他们无趣的人生,才因此掀起了涟漪,产生了微妙的变化……

Every day at the same time, three people from different backgrounds, ages and cultures meet in the same alley. But one day, an unknown hand suddenly appears! The sight of this hand ripples through the lives of the three people cutting through their boring, unimportant lives. This hand proves to be an inspiration for a man who wants to become a millionaire, a woman who wants to get married, and a boy who craves motherly love. What binds them all three? A hand and a fantastical imagination!

制作人Producer : 陈福庆 Tan Hock Kheng
编导 Playwright/Director: 朱锡添 Chee Sek Thim
编曲 / 乐手 Composer/Musician: 江素琼Kang Su Kheng
演员 Performer: 何小芬 Ho Sheau Fung, 曾福明 Chen Fook Meng, 罗家祥 Loe Jia Xiang
造型设计 Image designer: Khing Chuah
灯光&布景设计 Lighting & Set Designer: 许派锐 Khor Pai Rui
平面设计 Graphic designer: 魏精锋 Gooi Jing Feng

制作单位 Produced by: ZXC Theatre Troupe 造心厂剧坊
呈现单位 Presented by: Five Arts Centre 五艺中心
支持单位 With Support by: Yayasan Sime Darby

演出日期 & 时间 Show dates & times:
22/2/2019 (Fri) 8.30pm
23/2/2019 (Sat) 3.30pm
23/2/2019 (Sat) 8.30pm
24/2/2019 (Sun) 3.30pm

演出地点 Venue:
KOTAK @Five Arts Centre,
27 Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 7, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 KL

入场费 Entry by donation:

优惠 Promotion:
买五送一 Buy 5 free 1

购票/询问热线 Ticketing/ Enquiries Hotline:
+60 18-202 8827

购票电邮 Ticketing Email:

About the performance:
Tai-ji-tua-teow is an original and new play written in Hokkien. The play – about the desires of 3 protagonists to break out of the mundanity of their lives - was developed in 2017 over 2 phases. The first was in April 2017 and the second in December 2017. A staged reading of the script was shown to the public in 2 performances at the SINKEH Studio, George Town, on the 23rd of December 2017. And a full performance was presented, also at SINKEH Studio, in conjunction with the George Town Festival in 2018. This project was spearheaded by Five Arts Centre with a grant from Yayasan Sime Darby for the development of new works, and taken to full production by ZXC Theatre Troupe.

Hokkien, in the way that it is used in Penang, is today an endangered dialect. Its use, once prominent amongst the Chinese speaking community, has been supplanted over the course of a generation by the use of the officially sanctioned Mandarin. Tai-ji-tua-teow is a self-conscious effort to be part of an ongoing restoration of the dialect’s position on the island. Its importance as a link to the island’s immigrant past was notably articulated in the May 2017 issue of the Penang Monthly by Dr Wong Yee Tuan, head of the History Department of the Penang Institute.

“…the majority of the Chinese migrant community has always been Hokkien… The Hokkiens were active traders in the region, stretching back to the tenth century when the Min Kingdom opened a new port in Fujian to encourage maritime trade.”

In Penang, Hokkien has traditionally been used as a common, everyday mode of communication. Tai-ji-tua-teow departs from this legacy by using the dialect to express complex ideas and thoughts. And as a further expansion, the natural musicality of the dialect is also explored through original song in the play. The performance will focus primarily on the use of actors’ bodies and voices to bring life to the text. Set and props will be sparingly used.

Date & Time
22nd Feb 20:30
Entry by donation: RM40

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