The Sweatbox- Code Black feat Haik (Wareika, Perlon)

Unit H-G-07, The Hive, TREC, Jalan Tun Razak
Phone: +60122245416
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This edition of The Sweatbox this Saturday August 17 is a Code Black, ultimately, an edition dedicated to all shades of techno. We will however, show you how techno can be eerie, dark and twisted and how some shades of it could be experimental, percussion- ladden or downright soft and appealing .
We will also show you how techno is not a genre but a state of mind and how all boundaries are crossed in order to create that feeling of longing for more, unity through music and that of heartbeats pumping in unison. The feeling that you are alone on the dancefloor yet in the presence of like-minded people.
We will show you how there can be absolutely nothing but universe's vibes between you and the music and we will fill your void and thirst for it with a very special guest:
Haik Wareika . Perlon was one of his first label loves for Haik, who understood the vibrations of good music and what makes them move. Wether he is performing with his band - Wareika or releases on his own imprint FormResonance, which converges audio and visual tendencies and performs live as an artist-collective. Composer, Live artist, producer and performer Haik will move you in a different way this Saturday and he will be the centerpiece actor of your night. A master of playing with the energy of his crowds and a man of many aliases - Hatikhvah, Florian Schirmacher, Haik or Wareika, we guarantee you will find yourself immersed in that very feeling of them all.
We can't wait to see you this Saturday at 11! Support by OtherKind, Obadius and Biscuit

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Le Noir KL Club opens at 11pm.
Free entry before 1am. RM40 after (Includes 1 free drink and access to the club and roof)

Reserve your spot:
Book online:
Phone/WhatsApp: +60 12 224 5416
Book a free ride with Grab ‘GOTREC’
Valet parking available
TREC Free parking 12pm-2pm (basement carpark) , 5-10pm (basement & multi-level carpark)
Flat Rate Daily RM10 7AM-5PM (Multi-level carpark)


1 Bucket (5 btls) RM125
3 Buckets (15 btls) RM300
5 Buckets (25 btls) RM500

STANDARD PACKAGES (Choose any 2 bottles) RM666
Jameson / Jim Beam / Bombay Sapphire / Gordon’s / Absolut / Smirnoff / Captain Morgan / Havana Club / Don Julio Añejo / Agwa / Jägermeister
PREMIUM PACKAGES (Choose any 2 bottles) RM888
Chivas Regal 12 / Gold Label / Jack Daniels / Singleton / Bulldog / Hendricks / Belvedere / Grey Goose

Date & Time
17th Aug 23:00
Free entry before 1am. RM40 after (Includes 1 free drink and access to the club and roof)

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