The Sweatbox- The Return Of The Aliens

No. 31, Jalan Mesui, Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: +60320223818
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Dear party folks, The Sweatbox this Saturday, December 9th, returns with an impressive guest: Jonathan Kusuma (ID) . He has graced our decks once before with his alien-like sounds, intergalactic and interstellar music, filled with loopy bleeps and featuring a dark and groovy sound innuendo. A skilled producer as much as a skilled DJ, Kusuma's music is at the very least inspiring , transcending time tags and orientation. He manages to create a universal journey of ethereal sounds and none the less, soul-soothing energies and an ethereal ambience. Currently based in Singapore, he continues to deliver his sounds with grace and his creativity behind the decks will surely leave you inspired and make you dance !

Our second guest, Dezz Desmond, has been spending his latest years in Vietnam, and as a true music lover , his impressive collection of music is eagerly waiting to be aired this Saturday as well as he is returning to the home land for a while and he will join us at the Sweatbox for the first time !

The residents, OtherKind and Obadius will join in the fun and as we always have a reason to celebrate every time , this time around it's Otherkind's debut EP, "Dreams" , launched just on December 4th on Free Sound Tools . The EP features 2 tracks, with dark, deep and groovy undertones that build up a tremendous party mood. Whilst "Gravity" is a mood setter and a light and smooth track, "Dreams" is making room for the listeners' vivid imagination to envelop .The skilled Otherkind has a few more bombs lined up in the studio and 2018 looks as his most promising year in his career.
You can purchase the "Dreams" EP on Beatport here:

Cover Charge; 30 RM + 1 drink before 3 AM, 40 RM + 1 drink after 3 AM
11 PM till late
RSVP & Reservations: +60320223818

Jonathan Kusuma is a musician, producer and DJ based in Singapore and Jakarta. His music is mainly released under the influential music labels “I’m a Cliché” (Paris) and “Cocktail d’Amour” (Berlin). With the latter, Kusuma released the Black Magic EP (2016). Kusuma’s Automatone (2016), released on “I’m a Cliché”, was premiered at with excellent reviews. His tracks
Metro Mini and Motor Melodies is also featured in correspondant's compilations (2017).

He has also been released by various internationally respected labels, such as “Ene Records” (Japan), “Power Station” (Melbourne) and was also featured on “Correspondant”’s 4th compilation for the label’s 5th anniversary. In 2014 he released his debut EP Gong 3000 on “I’m a Cliché” followed by the Underpass EP on "Love on the Rocks" (Berlin) in 2015. The same year, he also released various remix projects for 5alad on "Factor City" Label (Barcelona), Split Secs on "Machine Limited" (US), Cabaret Nocturne on "Rotten City"(Madrid) and Vicky Montefusco on "Clouded Vision Label" (UK). 2015 also saw growing global recognition of his work as a DJ, where he played at Cocktail D'Amour Parties Griessmuehle (Berlin), Renate (Berlin) ,Razzmatazz (Barcelona), Moog (Barcelona), Guggenheim (Bilbao),10th Anniversary Oath(Tokyo) ,Travessia Bonobo (Tokyo) , Holy Barbarians Gypsy (Kyoto), Power Station New Guernica (Melbourne) , Elysium (Kuala Lumpur) Savage (Hanoi) and Time (Manila).

With two of his friends, he established "Space.rec" (2009 - 2015), a Left Wing Jakarta's record label that released albums and singles by Indonesian musicians. Ojon is also one of the founders of "Akamady Records" with Gerhan Ferdinal a.k.a Komodo, which is part of Jakarta's Rossi Musik scene. Since 2007, whether with his band Space System or as a solo musician, Ojon’s work has been released by local and international record labels, namely "Bravura" (London), "Jeansreatti" (Italy) as Draculae, "Pizzico" (Italy) as Space System, "Optimo Music" (Glasgow) as Space System, "Love International" (Malaysia) as Space System," Buy You Sell Me" (UK) as Space System, "Double Deer" (Jakarta), and "Fast Forward Rec" (Bandung) as Space System.

Date & Time
9th Dec 23:00
30 RM + 1 drink before 3 AM, 40 RM + 1 drink after 3 AM

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