No. 25, SS15/4B Subang Jaya
Phone: +60 10-914 2439
Email: jibrilss15@gmail.com
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Jibril, the Lounge, Located in in SS15 Subang Jaya, Kuala Lumpur - An aficionado of the roaring 20’s à la life of the Great Gatsby, The Pronomy Team found difficulties in looking for a perfect place where they could chill and enjoy their coffee and cigar. There is a dearth of accessible and affordable, most importantly non-alcoholic chill out bar for those who don’t drink alcohol but crave for the “I’m going to the Bar” experience. Of drinking from a manly whisky glass, on the rocks, to the yummy looking salt-rimmed cocktails for the gals.. or even enjoying the bubbly effect from a champagne flute.

A place to call your own, the neighbourhood non-alcoholic watering hole. The idea of Jibril was introduced to fill this gap in the market, especially for the majority of the hip young crowd eager to experience something never-been-done.

Jibril, a perfect template to fill our market segment. This non-alcoholic bar resto was introduced to the masses in April 2015. It operates along the lines of the Bars circa 1930’s, during the Prohibition period.. secretly tucked away behind establishments, providing the lure of discovering something new to its customers.

The bar restaurant itself was fashioned with the fittings of a Speakeasy bar.

speakeasy l ˈspiːkiːzi |
noun (pl.speakeasies) informal
(in the US during Prohibition) an illicit liquor shop or drinking club.

Opening Hours : Everyday from 12:00 - Midnight

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